Anything is Possible – We Only Need To Believe!

I would see the articles and pictures of those who were overweight now enjoying life since they lost 100, 200, 300 plus pounds over the years. I would then dream that would be me someday, maybe! Back in the days when I dreamed I would be able to lose weight there would be this ever so small little voice in my head saying, “You can dream all you want but it will never happen for you – you’re not as special as the others you read about! You’ll never be able to that! You’ll always be the way you are now! It’s too late for you! Once huge you’ll always be huge! Nobody likes you so why change! Plus, you are all alone!”

I was unbelievably my own worst enemy, always putting myself down and not to mention my mind always fighting with myself! At this time in my life I completely thought this was all normal. I didn’t know there was any other way in life. Once more, when doing this and saying these things to myself I had no clue this was going on. It wasn’t till I really wanted to make the change in my life for myself as I finally said enough is enough at being huge! I was at that point in my life where I was worrying about if I would live another month or year! I wasn’t scared about passing away as I know I would only be removed from this earth only when Heavenly Father (God) would say it was my time to return back to our other home. I then started praying to God that he would help me lose weight! Weeks went by but I wasn’t losing weight. I then soon realized what it was, I was still looking for the easy way out, I wanted God to do it for me, I didn’t want to make the effort myself! So what to do now? What do I need to do in my life to make this happen? That is when God sent me an answer, someone had posted a challenge on Facebook, the challenge was “Eat Clean for the Month of September!” Upon reading this I was overcome with such joy! Plus, this it hit me hard, like a ton of bricks falling on me – this I could and will do. I then proceeded to posted on August 31, 2014 the following right after reading about eating clean:


Who’s with me on this for the month of Sept? (or the day AFTER Labor Day?) The ‘No Soda’ is an easy one for me… Let ‘eat clean’ begin…

I got responses from this and got good tips! We can now see how far I’ve come today and my journey continues on!

Again, before all this happened I only really wanted ‘an easy way out’ to get thin again. I wanted to find that miracle pill/drug/procedure that would transform me back to who I was as a teenager. I didn’t want to put any work or effort into losing the weight. It was going to be hard work. A lot of hard work! I was always tired, sluggish and telling myself it would be impossible to do the way I am now! I remember there were times I would park the car and walk the 100 feet or so to work and be out of breath, even parking and walking to where I lived.

5 months ago when I started going through all my old boxes (I started cleaning up my living area, decluttering where I live). Going through these old boxes I was finding items I purchased a long time ago that would supposedly help me lose weight. The ironic thing about what was purchased, I never even open the products, plus I completely forgot I even purchased them. Looking back at this I am glad I never took what I purchased as they are no longer on the market today! It is surprising how many people are getting rich from those of us looking for a ‘quick easy way out!’ Be it a super miracle pill or surgery to force your body to get thin again! These things are just quick fixes, if they work at all! Gaining weight doesn’t happen overnight! Losing the weight will not happen overnight either. It takes hard work, dedication and discipline to achieve any goal one wants to reach. What would we learn if we never put forth the effort in learning or getting what we are wanting in our lives?

Once more, what I found being on my journey is there are things which happened in my life that led to overeating! I was eating to fill those voids in my life. I felt alone, inadequate, a failure in life and so on! I now know these things are not true. I continue to work through my past to clear myself of these untruths so I am able to become the person I am meant to be in life! I am creating a new life for myself! Anything is possible if you only believe in yourself!

I encourage you to make a small goal and start that goal today, if not today tomorrow for New Year! Make it a simple goal. From this one simple goal let it grow, expand, branch out into other goals as time goes on! There is no need to set a date when this goal should be accomplished. Most importantly, Make The Effort to achieve this goal!

  1. Such a beautiful and inspiring post! I am so proud of all the truths you have uncovered and all the false beliefs you have let go. Thanks for the gentle nudge!


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