Day 100

It’s been 25 days since I wrote on this blog – what can I say – I’ve been busy! I started writing a few times only to get pulled away. So now I sit ‘glued’ to my chair till I finish this and publish this post for all to read!

Even in the times of being busy and being pulled in many different directions (well if feels like this is happening at time), I was able to not give in and go to my old eating habits.

I am happy to say I am on day 100!

No fast food, junk food, sugar, white flour, processed meats, Chocolates, etc. I’ve been keeping up on the walking too. I also continue to lose weight as the days, weeks, months go buy.

Going into my forth month I am sticking to the same plan I’ve been doing this last 30 days. Well, I need to improve on keeping up on this blog site, even if I do get busy I need to say at least something. I am will make a commitment do to so – that is to write at least once every few days – if not every day.

I will say that it has not been easy these last 30 days to keep up with my new way of eating. Yes there has been temptations to eat something just to eat it! The main thing that is keeping me from eating candy, chocolate, junk food and more things is the results I am seeing and the way I am feeling. Do I really want to throw that away after how far I’ve come? No thank you, I will stay true to my word and will continue on with the new way of eating and become healthier in life. I will say, I’ve had no desire to go get fast food at all this last month! That in itself is a great feat I’ve concord I feel!

It was back in August I ordered a couple of new slacks to wear to church on Sunday. One of the slacks they sent was two sizes too small. I tried them on and they did not fit at all. I put them aside to send back to get the correct size – there they sat for 4 months. This last Saturday I saw them while moving things around (cleaning up a bit) so I tried them on. They fit me now! They are not tight, they fit me perfectly. I smiled! I then wore them the next day to church.

I am not going to give up! I am going to move forward and continue on with my new way of life. Again, I thought I was doing this to get healthier but it has help me in so many more ways than just getting healthier!

Till next time I write try smiling a bit more throughout the day!

Note: The picture on this post is a drawing I did on awhile ago on three different drink coasters (but in order for the image to fit the third coaster is just showing).
  1. Congrats on all your hard work, perseverance and dedication! What a golden feeling to have those pants that were two sizes too small just a few short months ago fit! Hooray 🙂 !!

    Enjoy your day!


  2. I am so proud of you! Making a commitment to stay on track one day at a time – and look, you now have 100 days behind you. Keep it up! Continue to use your tools. Hold your head high, and smile!

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