Day Eight – One Week Accomplished

Today begins a new day and a new week! Onward and forward into Day 8!

As I continue on with the challenge I set forth to ‘eat clean’ for myself into week 2 I am finding that eating and keeping on track with ‘eat clean’ is becoming easier. I also must say, that writing about this experience is helping me make it through each day. I am keeping myself in check and being accountable for what I set out to do. Knowing I will be writing about my experience, for all to read, is truly helping me want to improve myself, my life and my health. I will go forth this day with a strong and determined mind to make it through yet another day! I feel this is becoming easier and easier as the days go by. I continue to tell myself I will not fall into the traps by letting my guard down, even a little.

Looking back this past week I would say the biggest challenges I’ve faced are:

  • knowing what to write about, at the start of this journey
  • exercising daily – getting my walking shoes on and just getting out there to walk, exercise
  • remembering to drink enough water the first few days

The eating clean part, to be honest, has been the easiest part of this journey – I am determined to make this happen no matter what I face. Again I say, writing this for all to read has and is helping me through the days, hours and minutes of each day. I came to that point in my life I knew I had to do something and do something soon! Seeing the ‘eat clean’ challenge I knew this was the starting point. This was the time that I myself, told myself, I am going to do it and immediately I put it out there for others to see. Once it was out in the open there was no turning back for me.

Inner Storms – Inner Demons

This is only the very beginning of what I hope will be a great and awesome journey for me. I know there will be struggles and days I will want to quit and give up. I am warning and tell you this so if I ever go silent reach out to me immediately! When I go silent is the sign I am struggling with myself and my inner demons – those inner voices of mine are trying and bring me down. I will communicate to you if I will not be able to write because I am going out of town or if something else may come up and I will not be able to write that day or longer than a day. I know myself! I know what I do! By telling you this, my hope is I can make myself stronger when I do hit a storm and I can continue on. Not only that but, I can let you know that I am struggling and reach out to a life line to make it through.

We all have our own demons within us, we are human! We all struggle in life! Learning how to overcome these times in our lives is not easy, especially if we close the world off around us. By reaching out to others we create a network of people we can reach out to when the time comes. We need to think not just about ourselves but about others around us. Getting to know people, becoming their friend, their acquaintance will give them that extra life line if they are willing to grab hold and let you pull them in. The more life lines you gather, the strong the pull! We just need to be there for them! If they except the help is up to them, we cannot force it upon them.

I thank those who have told me they will help encourage me when I need it, but now I ask, “Will you be a ‘life line’ when I become hard to reach by going silent?”

I would like to say thank you in advance if it ever does come to this point! If you don’t hear from me and become silent. If you do see me but I am quite and don’t seem myself (and am not sick).  I am just not ‘ME’!

Now I go and face the world – yet another day – till next time, be strong and be true to yourself!

Pictured are clouds from a recent trip to Provo, UT
  1. Lisa told me about your blog today. I just read the whole thing and it’s so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your story. Your determination is contagious. I fell off the band wagon a few weeks ago and it’s time to jump back on. 🙂

    1. I reach my hand out to you, if you grab hold of it I and the rest of us will lift you up, will catch you, as you ‘jump’ back onto the band wagon! Thank you for your kind words and you’re welcome for sharing my story.

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