Day Four is a Triumph

Now that day 4 is coming to a close and I just got back from my exercise I can now report that Day 4 is a Triumph! Work had no treats today so I didn’t need to use my will power to re-frame myself from stealing a bite…

I really must say I like the fact that I am now being open about my eat clean challenge and I am able to write about my experiences to make myself more accountable for doing what I say I am going to do. I’ll come out and say it – being able to write about this, knowing people will be reading this is making this challenge much easier to do this time around. Yes I know its only week one and we will see what I am saying at week 3. It’s true though – putting it out there in the world for all to know makes me want to do this and so much more.

So I would like to thank you for listening to me and please keep the encouragements coming – knowing people are out there reading this and are cheering me on really helps. I can also say that I am feeling great – I can feel the difference eating clean does to one body – makes me want to continue doing this, so I will!

The picture today is from my walk tonight of a neighbors lamps for there night lights in the front yard, since I was walking and only had my cell phone I took a quick picture – hence the brightness of the lights.

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