Day Fourteen – Time To Expand

Report for day 13: It’s was a win, the only thing that I fell short was drinking enough water during the day. I had church then after church I went home for a quick bite (ended up drinking Juice then headed back out for church meetings).  I need to start take drinking water with me to church along with some almonds, grapes, (I would say celery but that would be a bit loud…), etc. to I can keep myself nourished and ‘watered’. I see many others at church with their drinks – so why not I? Sunday ended up being a very hot day once again – thank goodness for the church building’s and an LDS Institute of religion building for having working Air Conditioning. I would go as far to say the LDS Institute was an ‘ice box’ as some of the ladies needed to wrap themselves up in blankets… Anyhow – today was a good day besides falling short on drinking – something I can work on for other Sundays. I was also able to take a ‘stroll’ around a local park this evening to get some walking in, since is Sunday!

Time To Expand

Onward into day 14 I go! Right now as I am writing this entry for today, I am feeling I should be doing more – this seems to easy finishing the second week! It may be that I am getting use to this challenge! This is also bringing other feelings up! The other feelings I feel right now are not entirely of a little guilt but of something is missing, a blank space! I may be feeling the way I am because I was so busy yesterday that I didn’t have dinner till I got home from my church meetings at 8:45 PM along with not drinking all the water I said I would drink for my goal! Whatever these feeling are I know I will make it through the today and I will not falter on my ‘eat clean’ challenge! I will find the strength to make it through the day! I will pray to God for the strength I need to make it through! I also ask you to pray for me as I continue on this ‘eat clean’ challenge/journey.

After thinking, pondering, reading the scriptures, and pray this morning I feel I need to up my challenge for the next two weeks! I feel that this challenge needs a boost! I am running through this challenge with flying colors as I am able to tell myself “I don’t eat that!” I’ve overcome temptations! I’ve overcome telling myself “no one will find out” if I don’t go walking, etc. I may be entering into a territory brand new to me! I definitely have no desires to quite, I am not feeling tired of not being able to eat things I ate before – but I do feel like I need to up my challenge! One thing that also keeps coming to mind is, things do not come easy – one has to work for hard for them! I feel as if this is just too easy to do and I need to be doing something different to make it harder to achieve! Or is this my mind being hard on myself? Can anyone shed some light on this for me please?

As stated, I am going to up my challenge for the next two weeks! I will now go walking in the morning and in the evening – I plan on to walk at least 15 – 20 minutes in the morning and 20 – 30 minutes at night with a 5 – 10 minute walk during my lunch break. I will also start other body exercises along with the walking – 15 to 20 minute mini workouts for strengthening the body! We’ll see how things go starting today, with these new challenges – the morning has already passed but lunch time has not!

Till my next writing – Find something in your life, a challenge or goal, and expand upon it!

  1. Just caught up on your journey. I’m so proud of you! You have inspired me to get back on track. Keep up the good work.

    1. The mind will come up with thousands of excuses that sound good! Yes it’s hot now, even at night! So to help those with the heat make sure you walk with a water bottle to stay hydrated and only go walking once the sun is down!

      Also to stay cool, take a hand towel, wet it and ring it out a bit, place it in the freezer for about 5 – 10 minutes. Now take it and wrap it around the back of neck – keeping the back and sides of your neck cool will help you stay a little cooler while walking.

    1. I thought about expanding the challenge as being hard on myself, but after thinking more about it will be something I will need to do sometime so why not now (that is expanding my workout and not being hard on myself)! You do make a wonderful point – “why can’t eating healthy and treating your body right come easy” – Who says it can’t! I need to clear my mind that if something comes easy it’s okay! Nothing wrong with that. Thank you Lisa! I will work on this very thing NOW…

  2. I would say celery but that would be a bit loud… Very funny-! Good to have a sense of humor throughout your challenge. Also while you ‘up’ your challenge this week; good you do it in small incremental steps: Smart-!

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