Day Six – Just a Few Hours to Midnight

The day come upon us as we woke this morning. We set out to do what we normally do on a Sunday. We played, we talked, we listened, we smiled (I am sure even if you don’t think you smiled you did – even in you needed to turn your face upside-down), we sat still doing nothing, we worked and some of us even took a nap! Now the sun has gone down, we all go back to what we call home (where ever it may be), to get ready to rest our heads for a night’s sleep only to begin the day once again when the sun rises on the morrow. However you spent your day will be your story to tell, but as for my day, that is my story…

I am happy to report that I’ve made it through day 6 with following the ‘eat clean’ challenge – I know we have a few hours left in the day and the way I am feeling tonight I will be able to make it all the way through the day till I lay down to go to sleep this night.

Opening New Doors

When I first start this choose Life blog I had no idea what I would be writing and if I could even write something every day. If I wrote “made it through the day!” would people still read this blog and try to encourage me? “Just take one day at a time,” I told myself, “and stopped thinking about!” I even called one of my sisters to ask her questions, but I already knew whatever happens will happen! In looking back this last week I think I did a fairly good job of it! Also – I now have tons of ideas I can write about to share with you.

Once more, as I continue going through the challenge of ‘eat clean’ I am seeing this is opening up even more doors for me then just becoming healthier! I am finding myself, even in this first week, opening myself up and daring myself to do even more than I did just a week ago. May it be small things for now, but still I can see a huge difference. It’s like my mind has been opened and I can see all these different paths I want to run down to explore and do more things. The mind to me is like a rubber band, if it sits idle it becomes stiff and inflexible, but if you use it (stretch it out) it becomes stretchable, usable and I like to say more creative in what you can use it for. The same goes with our minds and our lives! If we sit doing thing we get nothing. We put a little in we get a little out. If we go beyond our borders (outside the box) we get to see and think of new things we’ve never would’ve been able to see or think of – we begin to think, to become creative! So I definitely feel this challenge is doing so much more then then just becoming healthier – I’m coming alive!

So till I write tomorrow – be well my friends!

Pictured is the Sunset from the hills in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA with the Christus of Jesus Christ pictured this morning superimposed on the left – looking in upon us!
  1. Beautiful and wise words! Good luck as you start the new work week!

    P.S. I absolutely LOVE the picture you created above!! I should have you send me the file so I can print myself one from Costco to put up in my house 🙂 !!

  2. yes! eating healthy isn’t simply about just our physical body. it is about everything – our emotions, our spirit, our mind. when we nourish ourself with foods that are alive, we become alive. love the way you are treating yourself with love and kindness by loving your body and spirit. can’t wait to hear about tomorrow!

    1. I am finding this to be so true – it’s about everything as you said! Tomorrow cometh upon us soon, and I shall write more…

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