Day Sixteen – Motivation

Day 15 report! Another gold star for the chart for staying true to the ‘eat clean’ challenge! As for working out – I did my walking in the early morning as I said I would, when lunch time came it was about 104 degrees outside so I figured I would be safe and not tempt going out, even for a small 5 minute walk – I went walking later in the evening to add in another 5 minutes to make up for the lunch time walk. I ended up completing my 15 minutes of body exercises/workout!


In today’s world there are many ideas floating around us. We see billboards, store fronts with signs, tall large signs; all in hopes that can ‘entice’ an individual to come to their place and partake of what they are offering – say it be an item, electronics, food, a movie, etc. If an early settler of Los Angeles back in 1781 were to come to our time, 2014, what would go through their mind? Would they pass out due to shock of all the sights they would need to take in? We live in this, we grew up in the society we are in now. If we were to go back to 1781 Los Angeles I bet most of us would be bored out of our minds with nothing to do since nothing would be around – we may even go mad ourselves with all the silence! Some people get bored out of their minds when going on a road trip! Most people would be happy with getting to their destination as fast as they could – but even still on a long airplane flight people don’t know what to do with themselves. Some people will end up playing mindless games on their ‘smart’ phones.

We need to take the time to stop all that we are doing and really ‘stop to smell the roses’! There are many ways we get influence in today’s world we just shut down our minds and go with the ‘norm’ or ‘peer pressure’ not realizing it! That is what many companies what us to do! I, myself was drawn into the fast food restaurants! All the advertising on TV, on the streets, in the newspapers (not to mention coupons where you get a discount to buy their product), while surfing websites and many other ways of advertising, may it be so settle you don’t realize you are being influence – because you’ve learned to stop thinking of such things or you would go mad with all the stuff being promoted around you! As I was saying, I myself was drawn into this because of a busy work day I don’t want to take the time to go home and make lunch or dinner myself! I can drive up to a window and the food is prepared for me already!

We need to take time for ourselves and just be with ourselves! The last couple of days I started walking in the mornings and at night. When I walk I do not listen to anything – I use this time as time to think, ponder and plan for myself (along with telling myself I can do this!) This morning when I walked I was thinking back to times where I really wanted to start to make a change in my life because of something someone said in a talk – a movie I went and saw that made me feel good afterwards and really wanted to get back into shape to be healthy – a song I listened to, or just listening to music, a book I read! There are many ‘motivational’ talks, movies, books and ‘blogs’ out there in the world. So in the midst of all the ‘craziness’ in today’s world we can find the time to just sit back and smell the roses to be one with ourselves. To get motivated to make a change and go through with it! I am still working on this and as I do I will share more with you.

Another way I find motivation is by going to church each week and in studying the scriptures daily ‘the word of God’. This helps my mind to slow down and focus on things I wouldn’t normally ponder about in life.

I would urge you to take 15 – 20 minutes each day to just stop what you are doing, relax and be with yourself. No playing games, no reading, etc.! Just looking in on yourself, seeing yourself, what you need for yourself! If you can afford more time I would make it the time longer.

What has motivated you to do what you are doing in today world?

Some of the movies that have motivated me in the past are:

Just to name a few. Go out in the world and take charge of yourself. Do what you want to do, not what others want or think you should do for yourself. Be strong and stand up for yourself! We are all in this together – so make it count, live an inspiring life so you, yourself, will be able to motivate others one day!

I shall write more but till then – peace be with you as you stop to be one with yourself today!


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