Day Ten – Going into the Unknown

Onward into day number 10 with the ‘eat clean’ challenge I go!

I am determined to make it and completed this challenge!

Overcoming Fear & the Unknown

I’ve taken on challenges before to eat better only to fizzle out just shy of 2 weeks. What I lacked those other times before is a support group, a network of people and having my goals written down. I would say I definitely took this challenge a giant leap further then I’ve taken any other challenge! For one I’ve written down my goals! I’ve written down my goals by hand. I’ve also written it in a place for everyone to see, Making a Change.

I am not going to lie – this is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. Going into an unknown outcome and blogging about it daily for everyone to see how things are going! I was terrified to click ‘publish’ on my very first post! One of the reasons I clicked publish (sure I hesitated for a split second and didn’t listen to those voices saying “stop”) was, deep down inside I knew this had to be done – after I clicked publish it was out there in the world for all to see. I even took it a step further and posted it on a Social Network site – there was now no going back! It was out there as almost being written in stone! I ‘finally’ start what I ‘wanted’ to start oh so long ago! I never did start this before out of fear! Fear of falling short! Fear of failing! Fear of myself! (Plus there are a few other reasons that I will write about as I continue writing!) This time I took those fears and those doubts, pushed them aside! Here I am now today!

I know I am not alone in this journey of mine! I have many wonderful people enlisted to help and to push me along if the journey gets hard or tough! One minute, one day at a time to accomplish what I’ve been wanting to do for so long – getting my life back! Getting my health back! Taking control and not to be ruled by my inner voices. Yes they are still there – somewhere deep inside or me – I am just to stubborn to give in and listen to them…

I am determined to make it and completed this challenge!

I’ve created accountability! Sure I was able to voice what I was going to do before – but sounds travel so far till they become distant memories, forgotten words!

Yesterday for Day 9 – I got through the day without the temptations or voices to break my goals! I completed everything I said I would! Got my walking in, drank tons of water and ‘ate clean’ throughout the day! I started to get tired physically around 5ish but moved on and did everything I needed to do for work and for myself! It was not an exciting day but an average day in my mind. The highlights in my day were, I received a couple of calls from people reaching out to me to talk to me after reading yesterday’s post. It’s nice to hear for people or get calls from them. So thank you!

I would like to share a poem I wrote. I wrote this just over a year ago:

RAZIELA (the Lord’s secret)

The sun shines brightly
as the night draws near
rays radiating from the flesh
as a beacon for all to see

She stands on the hill
drawing in the last rays
of the golden sun

Now walks through the night
as a wondrous sight
The moon now high
drips it’s liquid light
to the earth
where she drinks
and goes through
an amazing alteration
of body and mind

Now with skin of silver white scales
and the wings of a great beast
she is able to see through her silver white eyes
All in the world…

I go now to concur another day – I encourage you to be brave today – put your fear(s) behind you – do something you been wanting to do but have never done!

Pictured is doodle I stared a while back and really need to finish it – by sharing this doodle with you I hope I will now finally finish it!
  1. Good Job! Love the doodle and the beast in the doodle it has a bit of a personality. 🙂 Reading your blog is keeping me on track. Thanks!

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