Day Twelve – Being True to Yourself

Today I start the weekend, the second weekend! Last week I was able to make it through so I plan to make it through the day today too.

Before I get too much further I will need to report on Day 11, “I did it!” I must tell you that I almost didn’t go walking last night! I was so tired that I fell asleep. I woke up because one of my sisters texted me (so thank you). I then realized what time it was, 10:45 PM! My body was telling me, “do it tomorrow morning, you’re just so tired!” and my mind was saying, “You need to wake up and get your workout done, you promised yourself you would do it everyday. Now get up and get out there!” I proceeded to get up and get my exercise in by walking for 20 minutes. I could have pushed myself to go further but at least I did it, I did what I said I would do! Wow – the things that go through our minds. Just before leaving a thought went through my head, “no one will ever know if you just don’t talk about it!” To that I said, “I would know! I said I would and I will!”

Being True to Yourself

After last night’s event of thinking to myself, “No one would ever know!” made me really take a good look at myself while I exercised. One of my things I thought about was, ‘True no one will ever know but I am not No One, I am me!’ You need to put yourself first! Meaning, you should come first before anyone else! No, not in a way that makes you (best word I can come up with) conceited and to the point where others around you just don’t want be with you since all you can do is think about yourself! I’m talking about, putting your health, interests, dreams, desires and ambitions first – making the choices that will allow you to make and live your dreams while all along being the best friend, husband, wife, grandparents, to others around you. The best example of someone doing just this is Jesus Christ. He set an example for us. He lived his life in such a way that many loved him (true the same can be said that many despised him – but that is a topic for another time) and I am sure that he loved himself and he was always ‘true to himself!’ For those reading this who do not believe in Jesus Christ, I ask you to please go with this idea with an open your mind.

What does it really mean to be true to yourself?

  • Be yourself, free yourself – your true self!

Far too many people see what others are doing and want to be the same. This creates no creativity! We are all children of God and we all have our own unique talent(s) we are blessed with and it’s up to us to find them, develop them and use them.

  • Be good to yourself – Don’t put yourself down!

Just because you are learning to do something new don’t be hard on yourself! It take time to learn or do what you are learning! If you are always putting yourself down what does this accomplish? Nothing but making you depressed, sick, lose control and the list can go on and on. So please be good to yourself no matter what you are doing. Yes, we humans are able to feel and we’ve developed speech that enables us to communicate and express our feelings. So be good to yourself.

  • Treat yourself with love and respect.

The most important thing we can do it to love ourselves. We are our own worst critics! Don’t listen to that voice of doubt but listen to the voice of reasoning and of kindness! Only do that will treat yourself with love.

  • Make goals for yourself

Push yourself and make goals that will help you become what you dream of being. Each day is a new day and each day you are able to create anything you want to create – whatever you put your mind to you can do!

  • The past is the past – do not dwell on it.

The past is behind us – we cannot go back to undo or change it. We can however move forward with a new outlook on life. We know a least one thing that did not work so let us try another way to find that victory! Don’t call things ‘failures’ but think of them as things that did not work and keep moving on till we do find success in whatever we are doing!

I can go on and on with more ideas of ways to being true to yourself. What it all comes down to is, love yourself and treat yourself with respect and kindness no matter what happens to you! Love yourself! Follow the example Jesus Christ gave us, by reading about his life we can learn out to better ourselves and be true to ourselves!

Till tomorrow – Stand proud and stand tall in the light of love and respect.

  1. isn’t it interesting how we will do anything we can to keep promises to others but when it comes to keeping promises to ourselves, it can be a different story?? here’s to keeping our own promises and nourishing our spirits!

    1. So very true! I am not going to give in or give up! If I do somehow get the feeling to give up I will do everything I got to reach out people to share them what I am feeling and going through! This I promise to myself, to you, and to others!

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