Day Twenty-Eight – Being Strong

Monday Day 28 – I must say I am really impressed with myself for going this far thus far. I know I can do it and continue on! I can do it!

Well today I got up and did my morning walking then went to work and had a very busy day working (did not go walking for lunch but I did stretch throughout the day). Later that evening I went walking from 9:30 PM – 10 PM, I got a full 30 minutes of walking in! This too is becoming easier to do as time goes on. So I say today was a great day. Was it easy today? I would say it was okay – a few co-workers did have lunch at their desks and the food did smell wonderful – that was it though! I didn’t have a desire to go get what they were eating for lunch. I know what I am doing will be well worth it down the line.

Being Strong & Avoiding Getting Tangled Up with Ourselves

Now comes the time I need to really become strong! This is where I usually stop everything and let things slide. It’s very bad habit of mine – when things start going well for me I start to think “I don’t deserve this!” so I tend to go off course. I can say this – this is the furthest I’ve gone in a long time for sticking to a eating plan and exercising routine. I tend to get ‘tangled’ up with myself and what I think I deserve in life with what I can have in life. As writing towards the beginning of the month I stated that I tend to need to make my life hard – I am finding out this is not true. So why not continue on the course I am heading down presently and keep doing this till I reach my goal of being healthy in life! Why not indeed? I am going to do this! I am going to be strong and overcome those obstacles placed before my path. I will look over those obstacles to see the goal(s) I can and will achieve in the not too far future!

We need to be good to ourselves as we are to others in our lives. With that being said it is now time for me to go and soon go to sleep to get my nightly rest so I can get up and continue on.

Till next time – write down a goal you’ve been meaning to work on, then write down what you will need to do to reach this goal, what obstacles do you need to overcome to achieve this goal. Knowing what you are faced with will help you moved forward and keep an eye on the end goal!

  1. This is simply Wonderful: “Trying not to get tangled up with thinking of what I think I deserve in life with what I can have in life!” God bless your heart MGW!

  2. I love what you said to quote Dennis “This is simply wonderful: “Trying not to get tangled up with thinking of what I deserve in life and what I can have in life!” Thank you!
    Great job keep on going.
    Love the kitty tangled in the yarn!

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