Choose Life!

Day Two Completed

Another day has gone by where I was able to follow the challenge and complete day two. I drank all the water I needed to drink, ate all good foods and I walked for 25 minutes and I am feeling great (tired right now) today!

I know the first few days are the easiest days to get things done – it’s the week after were the body starts to crave the junk food, fast food, but I am determined to not give in and make it through rest of the month. I am practicing now saying to myself, “No, there is no need to go eat that!” “No, I do not need to stop and get food on the way home, there is food there I can cook and prepare myself!” In essence, I am getting myself psyched up and ready for the temptations – if they come.

Thanks for listening and for urging me on.

Note: the picture you see today is my view of where I had lunch today, I had a little bird sitting there the entire time keeping me company.

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