Living Life As a Warrior

I started a new venture this week! CrossFit! I am now a member of Mission CrossFit in Mission Viejo, CA. After two days of working out in the gym I am sore! Sure I’ve been going to the gym to lift weights, I go walking, jogging and running, but CrossFit is a whole new arena that focuses on strength by improving fitness and health by working on movements which reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and so much more! I must say I am loving it (ask me again in a few weeks if I still am, I am sure I will and even may be loving it more)! Starting this new program, CrossFit, fits right in with my next step ‘Living Life As a Warrior!’ I am fighting for my health! I am fighting for my Life! I am fighting for my survival living in the world we live in with fast food, candy, unhealthy food everywhere. I’ve lived the last 22 months clearing the mind and breaking down the wall I built around myself to shut people out but now it is time to start reaching out and helping others! As time goes forward I will continue to grow and help push others to fight as a warrior for what they want out of life!

We all have a warrior within! We all need to awake our inner warrior to help us battle for what we want and deserve out of life! I woke my warrior when I made the commitment to start eating clean September 2, 2014. Over the past 22 months this warrior has grown in strength! I am the Warrior! I am a Warrior! As I continue eating healthy, clearing the mind, exercising and communicating to my Heavenly Father in pray also by reading the scriptures (the word of God) I continue to build up my strength and face life challenges head on! Life continues to through challenges at me but it is now how I face them and deal with them. I still need to be strong in all I do and fight depression, to fight overeating, to fight stress eating, etc.! I am winning this fight! I will I continue to move forward life my life a Warrior!

I posted the following on my Instagram account this last week I want to share it on my blog too!

michael-before-after2016Pictured is the same person but two completely different bodies! I am no longer wearing 6X shirts to hide how large I use to be but now wearing medium shirts, I never thought that would be possible! Living a new life I create and dream, no longer putting myself down and becoming depressed but instead working at being happy as we all deserve to be happy!

A few of the dreams I’m creating for myself are:

• Helping and Inspiring others! Everyone is able to set and achieve their goals no matter what it is they are wanting out of life!

• Painting, drawing, photography, writing, music, etc… I want to use my imagination and talents to create masterpieces which will touch and inspire people, igniting that spark within the soul of life to do their best in all they set out to accomplish and dream!

• Becoming more Christ like! Learning all I can of the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ to help others live a beautiful life!

• Having a family of my own! Being a husband, father, mentor, spiritual leader, friend, etc.

Creating dreams and living our dreams is possible. I’ve already fulfilled the dream of being healthy so why not create and fulfill others?

What are your dreams? You can make them a living dream! You must become the warrior and fight for what you want! Make it happen! Setting small goals first will all add up to the main goal! Start living your dream today!

  1. Welcome to our Mission CrossFit Family Michael. Your journey the past twenty two months is inspiring and we look forward into sharing in your continued growth physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I hope to see all your goals come to fruition.

  2. Good to see you made that leap of faith. Mission Crossfit will guide you to a destination you never thought existed. Never ever give up on yourself and Crossfit. You have only begun that Warrior journey. The diversity of our Crossfit family will help you succeed.

    1. Thank you Chuck! The journey has begun. I am here to stay! As with losing all the extra weight, I will never ever give up on this journey to continue my growth spiritually, emotionally and physically!

  3. Step 1, Crossfit.
    Glad to have you as part of the Mission Crossfit family 🙂

    1. Thank for for welcoming me to the Mission CrossFit Family Catriona!

      Yes CrossFit! Not sure I want to be one of those people people look at while walking down the street do to huge muscles…

  4. I now have The Warrior song from the 80’s stuck in my head 🙂 !!

    Congrats on all you have accomplished and all you have yet accomplished. You are inspiring many around you, including me.


  5. Congratulations and welcome to the warrior within. You keep inspiring me to stay engaged in the wrestle!

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