Our Journey’s Crossroads

There are times when we travel on our life’s journey where we reach a crossroad, or a fork in the road. On September 2, 2014 I reached such a place. I could either go towards the light and ‘choose life’ or go into the darkness and see what life will continue being had I not made the choice to start eating clean.  As I continue on my journey every now and then I come to a ‘side road’ with a sign saying, “Pleasure Food Down This Path!” Even though it is very tempting at times I continue to say firm on the path I started down on in September. I’ve learned to keep my guard up at all times. What I mean by this is I continue to ask Heavenly Father for the strength to move on and to always keep a strong will to continue on this path. It also helps that I envision the goal of what I am aiming for as the outcome of eating clean. I am not denying myself the taste of sweets, fast food, junk food but strengthening my willpower, my mind and my spirituality. I feel ‘freer’ as I am no longer ‘dependent’ on eating certain foods to help me feel happier, better for a moment in time. I do remember some time ago I would get these overwhelming thoughts of certain foods or candies in my mind and they would stay till I ate what feel I needed to eat to get it out of my mind only to begin again.

I am also not always hungry as I am eating good whole foods that fill me up and help give me the energy I need to make it through the day as I continue to burn the extra ‘pounds’ I’ve put on over the last couple of decades.

We all come to crossroads in life. All crossroads we come to will alter our life. The path you choose to down on will become your story of life, a pivotal point in your life. For example, long ago I was at on a path that lead to either happiness in life or depression. At this point in my life the crossroad I came to was foggy and dark, I couldn’t see the road to happiness very clearly so I went on the path that lead me to seclusion, depression and unhealthy eating. I was there ‘in life’ but not all there! I had a job so I only opened up what I needed to open to be able to go to work and pretend to be happy at work. After work I headed home to eat and sleep. This ended up being my daily routine and was my life for some amount of time. Sleeping, working and eating. At this time in my life I was only finding comfort in eating foods, though at the time I did not see it that way at all, I saw it as I needed to eat. I pretty much didn’t do much of nothing else. I did go to church on Sunday’s, but again there I tried to put on a happy face. Sure the people I was close to started or where already calling out to me – but as I said, the fog and mist were so great that their voices were muffled by the time it got to my mind. This was the crossroad I took and it was here that I started to become unhealthy.

Everyone’s stories/crossroads are different. The question is, “What kind of a path am I going down on today?” Are you on a path which is leading you to reach your life goals? (If you are telling yourself that you have no life goals, think again! You do! You may have only temporarily forgotten them. Your subconscious mind knows and remember them.) Or are you on a different path? I can honestly tell you that whichever path you are on, you will have bumps (ups and downs). It’s up to us to continue moving forward through the challenges we face. Don’t stop! On the other side of those challenges new crossroads appear! There could be times when you come to a crossroad and both ways will show great outcomes. Again, everyone’s life is different!

We cannot possible know what goes on in the minds of others, but you know what is going on in your mind! If you are on a path that is not that great only you can create that crossroad which will lead you in a different direction. Yes, there are those who can help influence us! It all comes down to you, only you can make the choice! Only you yourself has the power to make the change. No one has the power to make you do something you do not want to do. Sure, someone can give you ‘ultimatums’ but only you can make the choice!

Be strong! Be free! Be courageous!

I find that daily pray and scripture reading help me as I continue on down this life path. I know there will be many more crossroads, bumps, side roads as I continue on. As I continue on I will do all I can in my power to choose the way to health, fitness and happiness!

Till next time take a good look at the path you are going down on. If it’s a good path you are on write down the goals you want. If you are on another path write down what it will take to get you to a new crossroad!

  1. Wow! Love this post. What beautiful imagery and insight. What an inspiration to me as I come to my crossroads and mists etc. {{{hugs}}}
    Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Thanks for opening your soul and mind sharing your deep insights. I am so proud of you and your ability to discover who you were, are, and who you strive to be on spiritual, mental, physical and social levels. Keep up the fantastic path on a journey of discovery, freedom and happiness. May the bumps, twists, and turns be kept manageable as you work with and turn them over to Heavenly Father.

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