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As I sit and ponder about life many memories such as events, people, what’s been in my mind over the years about ‘who I was as an individual’ with many more scattered thoughts come to mind.

I happened to be one of those souls who is able to soak everything in around me so at a very, very young age I was able to soak in these feelings from adults thinking these thoughts and feelings were my own! I then got it into my mind I was never going to be good enough in life, but yet I was this bright loving individual sharing my love, kindness and patience with those around me.

What comes to mind is a lot of things which happened when so very young. One of my biggest fears in life was being looked down upon and no longer being accepted for being me, for being Michael! This fear of rejection rang so very loudly once upon a time which now it still sits there in the shadows of my mind waiting to jump out at any given moment to protect me as it thought it once did when so very young!

I believe we do make a profound difference in life and in the lives with those around us being who we are, especially with all our flaws. You know what, we ourselves only think these are flaws because of things we’ve seen from growing up when in fact they are valuable life lessons teaching us, training us, preparing us to Dream Big and Believing in those dreams. We all think we fall short when in fact we stand tall in the eyes of our marker! We are living life! It’s when someone releases this when the darkness within is chased away from the light within our soul! I’ve been through so many learning expeditions and know I will be on many more.

Who is ready to stand by me, taking my hand to become Warriors of Light in Life?

As I stated before and say it again I love you all! My wish is that each of you create each day a life of pure magic, believing and knowing all your dreams will one day happen… as will mine! Miracles happen all the time!

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  1. Hi Michael, I am so grateful for you sharing these thoughts and inspirational words. So many struggle at different times in their life, I remember myself going through some difficult times years ago. Your words always uplift and help those who read them to be hopeful hopeful and grateful.

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