The Fourth Day – Sunday

Today is Sunday the fourth day of the second month and today was a very good day. Yes I was able to fulfill all the challenges today – since it was Sunday I did some walking, while drinking water was completed along with eating all the good foods.

So today was Sunday and for church we had the 184th Semiannual General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This is where we go and listen to our leaders of the church and to (what I believe) to be our living prophet184thgc here on this earth along with living apostles of our¬†Savior Jesus Christ in these days on earth. It was a wonder conference. Though I was not able to go and view it live the church broadcasts this worldwide for all members and those whom are not members to watch and listen to the word of God! I learned much from Sunday’s message. If you would like to go and listen to a living prophet click on the image to the right. Once on the page select a a link to view general conference or just a talk.

I need to head to bed now. Till I write again next go for a 15 minute walk today or this evening (if you haven’t walked for some time) or write a letter to a loved one.

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