The Nineteenth, Twentieth and Twenty First Days

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were quite busy days for me. I tried to make the time to write something on the posts I just didn’t find the time to do so. So now I write Thursday morning to bring you up today on those days.

Monday Day 49: It was an extremely busy day, I did at one point tell myself towards the end of day to just breathe. I did follow my eating clean plan, especially “The Body Reboot” challenge. I had gotten up at 5:23 AM Monday morning to go walking for 27 minutes followed my doing my medication. When night came I was so busy with things I was unable to make it out to go walking. At least I got 27 minutes of walking in – the other 3 minutes was me walking around the entire day, plus more…

Tuesday Day 50: Again another busy busy day. Same thing – I got up early and went walking for 26 minutes then did my medication – I did eat clean too. At this time, since all was going so busy temptation was there in my mind to go get food from a fast food place. I told myself immediately this is day 50, so no way am I going to compromise my 50 day streak just because I am tired and worn down from the last two days! I was able to put it out of my mind, head home and prepare food for dinner. I was going to head out to go walking that night but I kind of fell asleep, but I had already gone walking that morning that I didn’t even think twice about it.

Wednesday Day 51: This day was much calmer then that last two days, but still busy. I was able to get out and walking in the evening for 32 minutes, eat clean, get my meditation in.

During Monday and Tuesday adventures I did notice myself not being so strong and kind of struggling to keep with the program but I worked through it. I did try reaching out to a couple of people, I did not talk to them, but calling and leaving messages helped. It wasn’t till later Monday night I started telling myself to ‘breathe’ and just take things as they come in, one thing a at a time! It was at this point I started to relax and told myself all will be fine, when I get to project A, B, C, D, etc. will be when I get to them and if they don’t get done right then it will be FINE.

Wednesday was a little better. I still needed to catch up on a few projects, which I did, so things started to feel less chaotic on Wednesday.

When life gets busy we all need to remember to stop to breathe and smell the roses so we don’t go insane! Most importantly — say calm during the stressful days.

  1. I know how busy you can get and I think it’s remarkable that in edition to biology; you’ve learned, or should I say re-learned, some mental hygiene that keeps you in control of your weight loss journey and better health journey: A,B,C,D when it comes to projects and pacing yourself to do the work; taking 6 minutes to breathe deep and regain your composure and rational thinking; and then there is shear will power to not give up. Congratulations on taking the best away from Mon, Tue and Wednesday!

  2. Michael,
    Way to go. Keep up the great work. Every good decision gives you power to make the next. Get out there and keep going. Have a great Friday.

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