The Sixth Day

Welcome to the sixth day of the second month, day 36 of eating clean. Today was a good day for eating clean and drinking water. When the time came to go on my nightly walk I really didn’t feel like going at first but once I was out there and walking for first few minutes I was able to continue going and I even pushed myself to go another 5 minutes so I was able to get 35 minutes this evening.

My mind has been in a good place this last week with going through the new door I found and continuing on my journey. I would say it has been a fairy tale, far from that. I am still living my life and I am human so doubts are bound to come to my mind but I ignore those thoughts when they enter – sometimes its harder to let some thoughts go. I am moving forward. I am finding the strength inside and from others to move forward as the days go on. I know some days will be better than others but I am making each day count and giving it my ‘all’!

Till tomorrow be well and go sit outside this evening for about 20 minutes and just listen, see and breath in your surroundings and be one with it.


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