The Third Day

The second month and the third day – Today is Saturday, it was a very busy day but I did get my 30 minutes of walking in along with following all the challenge for the his month. Walking was not easy to do tonight I really had to kick myself to get up and get out there to go walking (well it was 12 AM when I finally got out to go walking – I needed watching the UCLA College Football game then needed to get some reports in for work before midnight) but I did it. Once out there it become so much easier to do and I pushed myself after the first 15 minutes. I was able to get 1.38 miles in for the complete 30 minutes. The last 5 minute I walked slowly and by the time I got home it felt like I didn’t go walking – except for all the sweat. So I have to say today was a great day.

Yes it is past midnight and I need to get to bed soon but I needed to finish updating this post.

Till tomorrow be well and look within to find the peace you need to know what you need to do in life. Treat yourself with kindness – love yourself – Heavenly Father (God) love you, so why not you too?

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