The Twelfth Day

It is now the twelfth day of the second month and I am going strong with my ‘The Body Reboot’ challenge. Today was not a difficult day but was a day where Angel Food Cake and Zucchini Bread were brought into the office for a birthday celebration – along with grapes, cantaloupe, pineapple, honeydew and strawberry’s too for us to eat and especially for me to eat since it was my birthday. I must admit it would’ve been nice to eat some of the Angel Food Cake but “I don’t eat that” these days. The Zucchini bread, not so much. So as you can see I was oh so very good today.

So I must say that the picture you see above is of a cake, but not for me. It was for someone in the family that was taken quite a while ago but I felt it was well fitted for today as it is my birthday.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Till next time be sure to take time to be with yourself today.

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