The Twenty Eighth Day

Day 58! Two more days get to 60 days and then a new challenge will start. I will continue to take 1 day at a time, 1 minutes a day!

Today was a good day. I was able to get a lot of things accomplished as I sit here now writing this evening. I got up quite early and went walking. Then did quite a few things in the morning before needing to go to work, I was also able to see some older friends I haven’t seen for some time before heading to work! The day was a great success for working out, meditating and eating clean.

Yes we still had some cookies in the office from yesterday! I need to say that as I was in the break room getting my lunch salad ready to eat a few things did pop into the mind, “What if I just had a little crumb? Or a little crumb of the candy cane? No one will ever know!” The instinct that entered my mind I told myself (aloud) “No, You don’t eat that!” then in my mind I said, “true, I don’t eat that!” and left it at that – once done I left the break room without even touching the stuff.

Writing about this really helps me by keeping me accountable for my actions in all I do. So thank you for taking the time to read what I write.

Till next time take 9 minutes out of your day to say what you are thankful for in your life.

  1. Excellent job on not succumbing, not to a single crumb. That takes a lot of will power! Impressive!

    Isn’t it amazing how therapeutic writing is?

    I am grateful for so many things. Thank you for the challenge!

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