The Twenty Seventh Day – It Gets Easier!

The twenty seventh day of the second month or day 57 is what today is.

In the office today was the beginning of ‘holiday sweets’ coming into the office. Pictured above are cookies with a big peace of chocolate on the top it with crushed candy canes sprinkled around the top. All I did was look and admired the sweets in front of me – I had to go get my cell phone to take a picture to share with all of you. (Look, but do not eat!) I did state that one day I may eat such a thing 6 to 10 years down the line – that’s a maybe! I only share this to tell you what I had no desire to eat a cookie. It gets easier as time goes on and you see progress with eating clean to get back a healthy life! Sure there are temptations but I believe those temptations (if viewed upon correctly) only help build your strong desire to keep moving on path you are on!

Today was a good busy day. I was able to keep up with my eating clean plan along with all my other commitments to complete this challenge for days 30 – 59 (which will be coming up soon). I’ve changed my walking schedule to be in the early morning now and if I have the time and I am not too tired at night I will still go out and get extra walking in. I got up this morning at about 5:07 AM and was out the door walking by 5:14 AM. I had a great walking 1.15 miles (I was really pushing myself going up and down the big hills). I really enjoy my meditation too before going out or start work. I find that I am able to really organize my thoughts and work more efficiently.

Now I go to rest and sleep to start a new day on the morrow.

I challenge you this day to sit down with a notepad and start writing a list of compliments of all the things you’ve done in your life. Try starting at far back as you can remember. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes, look back at yourself, see yourself and see your accomplishments that you can complement yourself on. I’ll even help you out with the first one, “Job well done coming into this world! As you entered this world you took your first breathe of life! You are already a survivor and a fighter for your life! Great Job!”

  1. I enjoyed your heartfelt honest post. Congratulations on looking and not even tasting. You are an inspiration to me.

    1. Thank you the comments! I am also so very glad that others are being inspired as I go on this journey, as I write and share my thoughts.

  2. Totally inspired by your looking and not tasting. Nice picture! Onward ever onward! left, right, left keep on marching!

  3. I love your photography skills! If I lived closer I would have you teach me 🙂 !!

    Good job on looking and not eating 🙂 !!


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