Working Through Those Dark Days

It is inevitable we will all go through challenges in life. We will all come across those days of doubt, days of darkness, days of nothing going right. We can either give in or we can look past the darkness towards the small sliver of light trying to break through the darkness to help give us a hand so we are able to make it through what we may be feeling, thinking or going through!

When I began my journey to lose weight it was only about losing weight! I quickly realized losing the weight was just not enough but I had to to become healthier mentally which then led to becoming healthier spiritually! It has not been easy. Big dark storm clouds would come waltzing in trying to dim the light to block the view of what I am working towards. Other times there will be a single dark cloud trying to block the light. With all I’ve learned over the past few years I keep on moving forward making my way through life paths towards my life goal. I know there is always a light up ahead no matter what comes into my life if I just keep pursuing to reach my goal to become healthier.

Before starting my goal September 2, 2014 I started many, many time to lose weight but when the dark clouds came I got lost and lost my view of the goal I set. Now when going through these dark times I doubled my efforts, reached out to people, to our Heavenly Father to give me the strength needed to continue to move forward! I know I am not alone on this journey! I’ve placed many people around me to help me and to lift me when I need help. Heavenly Father continues to shine his light that I am able to see which in turn keeps me moving forward.

Yes, I do experience those moments I would like to taste something sweet but what is it that keeps me going forward? What drives me to continue on and look past the thought of eating something I told myself I would not eat?

  • The love I feel from our Heavenly Father and our elder brother, our Savior Jesus Christ.
    • The song “I Know That My Redeemer Lives‘ I know he is there to help me in all I need help with!
    • I am reminded of a song “I Feel My Savior’s Love” when I think of all I’ve gone through and yet what I may and will go through, knowing this gives me the strength to keep moving forward, walking ahead, finding my way through the challenging times.
  • I am doing this to live my life the way I want to live my life.
    • Being overweight there is only so much one can do physically, mentally and spiritually. I was restricted from activities because I was not welcomed but do to the energy needed to keep going. I’ve been there and do not want to go back.
    • I am a compulsive over eater and need to always work on not over eating and eating things which are healthy.
    • There is so much more I want to do in life before it is my time to return to our Heavenly Father.
  • I do not want to reset the days I’ve been ‘sober’ from eating sugar, chocolate, fast food, etc.!
    • 1 day turned into a week! This week turned into a month! The months add up. Each minute, day, week all add up. Each time I made it to another day I did not what to start the counting over again. Each day it become easier to say No to certain food and I will acknowledge that sometimes I want to have whatever it was others are eating but I remind myself how far I’ve come and then thought it out of head. “I don’t eat that!”
  • Being able to inspire others by being an example!
  • I love to exercise and how it makes me feel being able to walk/jog/run/bike for more than 2 hours…
  • There is much more for me to do in this life before it is my time to go to our Heavenly Home.

There are many reasons helping me to move forward! In order to keep these goals, I am needing to always add new goals and push myself even further. For example I’ve now reached the point I need to do more throughout the day then just walking for exercise to burn calories. I can now go walk 4 miles and not burn the same amount of calories I was able to burn 19 months ago. I’ve needed to start running, jogging and biking to burn calories.

It is possible to do anything you put your mind to! You only need to look past the darkness and see the light up ahead! If you do not see that light, then look really hard for that small little sliver of night trying to break through, don’t just glance for it, really look for it. When you see it focus on it, work through what you need to work through to step closer to it! Do know there are many cheering you on even though you may not be able to hear them yet! You can do this!

What would you like to achieve out of life? What storm clouds are hovering over you? What is it you need to do to clear these clouds? Reach out to others and be truthful with yourself! Doing this will clear those clouds so you are able to begin to see more clearly what you want out of life.

Love you all!

  1. You are a incredible inspiration to me. I am so glad I came here and read this.. I feel blessed to have met you.

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