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Life was very difficult and I was struggling with health issues! I was constantly worrying if I had another month or year to live as my doctor was saying if I don’t do anything I could die! Living this way was no fun at all. In October of 2013, I weighed in at 420.2 lbs., the heaviest weight I reached. It was at this time a good friend sat down with me to talk about how they were very concerned! I was already huge yet they could see I was getting even bigger… Months before this talk I came to the conclusion in my mind that God would take me from this earth when it was my time to go… It is not my time to go just yet!

In the past I tried to lose weight numerous times by dieting, going to professional diet organizations, trying to starve myself only to fall back right into the same old habits after a few hours, days or sometimes weeks. I was looking for a quick and easy way out, only to give up if I saw nothing happening as I knew in my mind it was impossible for someone as heavy as I was. There were times I lost a little weight! Again, I come to the conclusion God would take me from this earth when it was my time so I stopped caring and started eating more then I ever ate before. My daily food intake was on the way to work I would pick up fast food! Lunch was fast food! Dinner was most of the time driving by a couple fast food places – I would go to place A the put the food I bought behind my seat so the other place wouldn’t see it as I order yet another meal! I also need to mention here most places have a ‘special’ by 2 for this much money… I would buy the special with the intention of saving the second one for another day, it never saw the other day after an hour or so! I also would go by the store to get a bag of chocolate taste treats. Most days at about midnight I would be hungry again after sitting and watching a few hours of TV and seeing all those commercials I would go out to pick up more food for a midnight slack (some places did a great job for there advertising as I was getting there ‘Late Night’ food package deals). Little did I know I had a huge problem being addicted to food all I knew was I needed food to survive!

After this friend sat down with me to talked they shared with me a movie they had saw, “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead!” Watching this struck home to me. I related to the person in this movie. This is when I started juicing for lunch, I also stopped going to fast food restaurants. I was doing so very well with – in fact I had gone longer then ever before – 3 weeks… This was when I got it in my mind I need to ‘reward’ myself for doing such a wonder job so I went to my favorite place go get a meal, a fast food meal… I was good at first after doing this were I limited myself to only going 3 times a week, then 5 times a week, then 6 times a week, you do the math… During this time, before getting back into my old habits of going ALL the time again, I was loosing weight. I had gone from 420 lbs. to 374 lbs. when I started gaining weight again from eating all the junk food – it tasted so good

In July of 2014 I realized I had a problem and started praying to Heavenly Father (God) that I would lose the weight. It was again the fear of living another month or year jumped back into the picture. I had family and I didn’t want to leave them. I had so many more things to do in life before returning to my Heavenly Home. The problem was I was praying to Heavenly Father that he would help me lose the weight and do everything for me – I wanted the easy way out by somehow waking up one day being healthy again… I soon realized I was doing nothing anything about it myself and I needed to do something for him to do his part. It was at the end of August I got an answer to my prayers and I saw the light! As I stated I needed to do something myself so Heavenly Father would be able to do his part, but what was it I needed or was going to do? Heavenly Father gave me the answer – start eating clean!

October 2013 with a few co-workers, the day I started juicing (holding my green drink), standing next to them against the wall…

On September 2, 2014 I started eating clean! I set the goal for 1 month. I told everyone I could about what I was doing. That is why I started this blog site to hold myself accountable!

I continue to eat clean today! As of March 2017 I’ve lost 255 lbs. I went from wearing pants with a waist size of 64 inches to 32 inches. This is a new way of life for me. Starting to eat clean has led to many new life adventures. I thought I was doing this to lose weight, little did I know I would get my life back mentally, spiritually and physically! I never knew life could be so much fun and joyful, finally breaking free from my own personal prison I built around myself starting as very young child. So the journey continues on…

I want to say, “You are not alone in this world!” There are many people who care, it may seem to some this is impossible, but it is true! People love you and most importantly Heaven Father loves and knows who you are!

Follow my journey and if you need help feel free to contact me! I would love to hear from you!

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    ~Michael Wallace