Believe, Trust, Love Yourself!

There will be moments in life we may feel and think ‘life is so out of focus’ when in reality we are doing and being all we need to be doing especially as we are ‘doing our best’ no matter what is going on! Remember, there is nothing wrong; it’s just ‘what is so’ which is going on! It is in those moments of being able to see with clarity; when we see or feel or hear an idea which allows us to move forward, assisting us as we continue moving forward at our own pace!

There may even be times when it feels we are moving backwards… remember, we may need to take a step backwards to ‘focus’ our mindset, to see ‘the’ bigger picture which we didn’t see previously!
~ Michael G. Wallace

Believe in yourself! Trust yourself! Most importantly Love Yourself! God Loves who you so much more then we can understand! So let us all be kind and caring to ourselves!

Not only do I write what I write for those who read these words… these are words I write for myself as well!

More often than not I also get lost in life and feel when I take a step forward I also will take a step backwards. This is how we learn and grow in life. I now create new goals for myself as over the last while I’ve gained some extra weight as I let life challenges get to me and take me down a road I said I wouldn’t go down! I still eat healthy whole foods, but started eating more then I should and for a time didn’t put my full heart and energy into exercising. So I now make new goals and new dreams in life as I paint a new picture for myself (create a new dream) to first Love our Heavenly Parents, Our Savior Jesus Christ and Myself! I now create an even better vision as this time I include my mindset with my weight.

May you all have an amazing beautiful blessed day/week/month/year! Create endless possibilities for yourself as you are all worthy and exceptional individuals!

Love you all


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