I Am Doing It!

I am definitely doing it – I am eating healthy by eating clean, I am exercising by walking and I am losing the extra weight I’ve put on over the last 20 years. Today is day 176 for eating clean! I tend to lose count when ask as this is a new way of life. I’m personally not counting, I only want to move forward and continue creating a life I love. As stated in other posts, this is not only about becoming healthy but also at the same time I am clearing the mind, or cleaning up the ‘stuff’ I’ve put in there about me!

I could point my finger to others and say they did this to me, but that would be untrue. No one can make ‘us’ do anything we do not what to do. I’ve been taking responsibility for my own actions.

What We Choose To Do in Our Lives

We eat what we choose to eat, we do what we choose to do.

Many, many years ago I dislocated my shoulder. This put me into a sling for 8 weeks, it was not a simple dislocated shoulder but one that needed my shoulder to heal longer. At the time this happened in my life I was in High School, I was working and I was exercising. I was running and lifting weights, building my muscle tone and making my body strong – then it happened – shoulder was dislocated! I cannot blame anyone for what happened. It happened! It was at this point in my life when I first noticing I started gaining weight – I was in a sling, I couldn’t workout (doctor’s orders) but this did not change what I was eating at the time. I was use to eating anything and everything and not worrying about my weight.

My usual meals included eating from fast food places, restaurants and whatever they had available when going to the movies. Yes I would eat at home, when I was there! I can blame all these other places for doing this to me, but that wouldn’t be true. What we really need is not to give in to the advertising ploys of these fast food places. We need to make our minds stranger.

Again, I noticed I started to gain a little weight during this time and thought that I would work it off once I was out of sling. I did just that and never thought about that again. There are things I ‘should have’ noticed then or done to help me later in life but I did not take heed or even think about the warning signs. I may have thought, “It will never happen to me!”

At times I wish I can go back in time knowing what I know now. We live, we learn, we continue living life. Time does not stop, it’s always moving forward. All things happen for a reason in our lives. I am sharing this with you in hopes those who read this will take to heart the things I’ve learned in life. The most important thing I’ve learned and want to share is, it’s never too late to Choose Life!

Start Now – it’s Never To Late

For those who are young – start eating healthy now. Candy, fast food, soda and junk food tastes wonderful, it’s sweet and it’s also starting to take you down mentally and then later physically. Exercise willpower and start eating whole foods. At this point in your life if you’ve been eating all these other food it is true that eating good food may taste horrible. I can tell you that over time this will change. Over time your taste of good whole foods will be almost like eating sweet foods.

For those who need to lose weight – It can be done! You do not need to be special to have this happen to you! You do not need to tell yourself, this will only work for others! NOT TRUE! Eat healthy and you will see a change! Don’t even workout, just eat healthy! It’s also not just eating healthy but starting to think positively about yourself and life. Start looking at yourself in the mirror and forgiving yourself. Start the healing processes today! Start envisioning yourself the way you want to be! It can be done!

We are always ever learning! I am learning that I always need to keep my guard up. At the place I work we are always having donuts, cakes, junk food, etc. showing up. I’ve gotten to the point I see those and do nothing. I started to let my guard down till I saw those red wrapped sticks of sweet goodness – a huge bucket of Red Vines showed up into the office. Seeing those, smelling them hit something in my mind that wanted to reach out and get one. My willpower, my trust in Heavenly Father and talking to someone about it saved me! I admitted to myself, I wished I could have one! I then told myself, “I don’t eat that!” then my day continued on. This taught me to never let your guard down no matter what it is about in life. We need to be strong and not think we are over something we are trying not do to.

Till next time strengthen what you are currently working on by writing it down, sharing it with others, praying to our Heavenly Father and telling God what you are doing. Keep reminding yourself throughout the day that you can do this, envision yourself doing what it is you need to be strengthened in, what would it look like mentally, physically? Most importantly, Be True to Yourself!

  1. Thank you for your story. I am learning a lot about myself by reading about your journey. You are an inspiration to me. Keep up the great work!

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