Looking From a Different Perspective

“By truly looking at your soul you will find many majestic places you never though were there simply by changing your ‘point of view’ by looking from a different perspective!”
~Michael G. Wallace

Are we not the creators of our own life? Why is it then we get stuck thinking there is no other way in life at the hardest times? Why do we get so trapped in our old ways?

Back in the days when I was over 400 pounds I personally thought and knew for sure it would be impossible for someone such as myself to ever weigh below 200 pounds again; I was a lost cause; I was no one special; I was indeed a nobody!

Looking back I see how my mind was overtaken from my negative thoughts and powerful emotions, blinding me from all the other perspectives we are able to create for ourselves in life! I did not know at the time there were ‘other options’ in life!

So, what is the secret? How does one start to look upon life from a different light?

For myself it was first hitting rock bottom! Knowing and thinking it would soon be the end… the truth, I ‘thought’ I was ready for this end!

Depression is real. Depression is definitely not fun, especially when you think there is no Hope, ever!

So when I come to the mindset of ‘What can I lose for trying to eat clean for one month?’ It was then I set a goal to eat clean, exercise then later clear the mind for one month!

Taking this small little step created a new path to appear slowly over time! It was definitely like stepping off the one path you knew you were destined to be on for life, exiting your comfort zone, pushing your way through the overgrown plants, trees, spiderwebs and climbing over walls to see materializing in front of you a new path to journey on!

So The Secret is trusting there is more to life. Creating a new possibility, Believing In Yourself, Loving Yourself to create a new Dream by letting yourself take that first step in to the unknown!

Trust in life and what life has to offer you! Stop Judging yourself! Let It All Go! What life has to offer you is Endless Possibilities! We only need to Create the dreams!

  1. Wow this really hit home for me…I’m not far from rock bottom but thankfully I believe it is now in the rear view mirror. Thanks for your posts….they make a difference. Continued success to you on your journey.

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