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It was in 2007 when I attended Landmark the Self-Expression and Leadership Program. We needed to come up with and execute some kind of program (community program) we would be the leaders and enlist others to form, organize the program for others in the community to benefit from. Upon much thought on this and what I would also benefit from I come up with a community exercise program / work program. Though I only made it happen for a short while within the community I was living in it never did take flight. At this time I obtained the domain ProHealthAmerica.org to keep track, use as a signup sheet and spread the word around. I still have a dream of making this happen so one day I may still make this happen with the help and assistance of others (for example you)!

My idea for the community was to get groups of people together who find it hard to walk or cannot find the time to get that 30 minutes plus in for the day and meet up at a local park, building, shopping mall/store, etc. and then as a group encourage each other to walk and while doing so help each other. Over time a bond will be made and each other will hold each other to the commitment of helping each other 6 days a week (Sunday being a rest day). There would be a group for the morning people. A group for mid-day people. A group for the late night people. Each group would have a two or more group leaders to help with the accountability and help create a ‘buddy system’ so no one would be left behind.

The idea for work would be to encourage the owners / managers / the people in charge, to tell their employees if they choose to go on a daily walk for no more then 30 minutes they could do so on company time and not count it as a break. This way businesses will help those in work to get there daily exercise in. This would be almost the same as the community but they would need to organize it so the office was not left unattended so the may need to be more then one or two groups.

Since I started my challenge for the month of September I still like the name ProHealthAmerica.org but I also thought it should be called living hence ProHealthLiving.org is now a reality. I hope one day my dream / idea will come to light where this will be a reality and a great way for people to meet others in the community / work, to help each other living a healthy life daily.

Side Note: All pictures, illustrations, artwork are original works done by me.


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