I Give Unto Thee a Single Yellow Rose

I give unto thee a single yellow rose. This is not any ordinary yellow rose but one with amazing strengths and powers as it radiants out forth my love to all those whom are friends new and old, even those lost and forgotten or to those whom I don’t communicate with very much; or to those whom I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting quite yet!

I would like to reach out to one my first childhood friends Sarah who lived down the street from where I grew up as a young kid. We did so many amazing things together! One day that was all taken away the day her family moved away. Looking back at this, what made the friendship so amazing was the day she left I found on our front porch the tractor set we played with for endless hours with a note saying that she thought I would enjoy playing with these… looking back now I would think it would be safe to say she meant “to always remember the fun we had together!” I cried that day! It was also the day I started building a wall around my heart from feeling love from others outside of family!

It wasn’t till about a year ago (a few years after I started on my journey to become healthier which soon thereafter included clearing my mind) that I finally realized just how much our friendship meant to her by the small act of leaving behind what she treasured most about our unspoken love as young small kids! I say this now to you, “Sarah, I love you my dear childhood friend! Thank you for being such an amazing wonderful beautiful soul by showing me I was more then I thought of myself being!”

I continue to break down these many walls I’ve built up over the last few decades! This last month love from others found a crack within the shield I had placed around my heart as I started to allow love in from others as I truly did started feeling and allowing others to love me back! The love of the friendship! Thank you all!

Part of my story is, when I was a child of 3 years old I overheard a woman say how men are worthless, stupid, dumb, will never amount to anything and so forth! It was then I thought they were speaking to me/about me so soaked this up like a sponge and started believing all of what I heard which set into motion the way I lived my life! There is much more this story but I will only share this very small bit of it for now so you can see just how much the friendship with Sarah truly meant especially when I say, “(for) showing me I was more then I thought of myself being!”

I will continue to strive to be the best person I can with all those whom are around me! There will be times, many times I will fall short but I do mean to be the best I can be!

I say now, “Thank you to all who love me and have shown me love being my friend! I take this all in as I continue to heal and mend my heart, mind and soul!”

May we all all find freedom within our lives as we learn and grow to love and be with ourselves! Friends and other people in our lives are an additional bonus in life!

Love you all! ??❤️

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