4 Years Ago A Journey Began!

Today, September 2, 2018 marks 4 years from the day I started eating clean; the day my life changed! True it has been a while since I wrote and so much has happened this year.

Life is full of so many surprises, especially ones we never thought or even imagined would ever happen! This last year I’ve grown so very much, but there are those times it feels I haven’t! What I mean by this is, there are those days you feel you are on top of the world, feeling amazing about life! Then the very next day or even the next hour you are no longer there where you were before, feeling amazing! We, ourselves create our own lives and the way we feel, it is not done by others! One area we need to master in our lives is how control our emotions so we don’t let our emotions control us, again, we learn how to control our own emotions! Life is magical! Life is learning lessons! Life is amazing! Life is everything!

It was September 2, 2014, the day a journey began to lose weight! Never in a million years would I ever guess what would end up becoming part of this journey of mine, especially this last year, these last few months! Though I’ve only mentioned this once on a post from November 19, 2017 but I’ve become highly involved in practicing yoga. So much so in June I received my RYT 200 Certificate (Registered Yoga Teacher), an instructor to teach yoga.

The Yoga Teacher Training was life changing. There were a few times I really wanted to quit from all that was being brought up deep inside but kept going and so glad I did! All those who were with me on this journey are all amazing! Thank you Radiant Hot Yoga for everything, especially all you do in having an amazing place to go on incredible yoga journeys in each and every class with those how are our guides! For those who live in Orange County, CA area please send me a message so I can tell you more about Radiant Hot Yoga studios!

I continue to break down even more walls within as the journey continues on, walls I never knew I had built. Life is definitely not easy, but it is absolutely worth it all! The mind is simply powerful with creating ideas and dreams into be being reality!

The last two years I continue to maintain my weight, from the time I reached my goal! As I continue to maintain my weight and life goals I continue to eat clean, exercise and clear my mind. My goal for this next year it to continue doing the same, no processed sugar, no chocolate, to processed foods, no flour or foods which are white, no soda, only good wholesome foods!

Never forget who you are! You are someone! You are you! You are unique! You are enough! You are loved by many, even though at times it may feel like you are not and may even possible feel you are alone in the world of our please know you are not! There are things you learn from hitting rock bottom which are not learned or achievable from climbing the highest mountains! Reach out to those in your life and talk when needed! Take a step out of your comfort zone, peel away all those layers you’ve built around yourself to be FREE to create anything you are able to dream up in life!

My journey continues on still taking one day or even at one minute at a time!

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