Create A Masterpiece Each Day!

We are all unique! Trust in yourself! Be yourself! Love yourself! Each start of day we all begin with a blank canvas were upon we create our day! If an unwanted mark shows up on the canvas while creating your day don’t look at it as a blemish, but create from it a beautiful work of art, embrace it, work with it and flow your day around it! Learn to work with this ‘blemish/trial’ to your advantage as all things happen for a reason! We learn and we grow each day! Learn to be as the flowing water down a stream! If a branch, stone, or an object falls in its path the water simply flows around it and makes it part of the beautiful stream! So, with this canvas of yours, you are able to create anything! Don’t hold back, make and create your great masterpiece! Simply focus on creating today’s masterpiece even if it takes minute by minute!
Michael Wallace
  1. Thank you for your timely message. I’m truly trying to adopt this line of thinking right now as I have some pretty big branches and stones in the river right now.

    1. John – most importantly remember to breathe! Also simply be yourself in all you do! I too still have many stones and branches in my river which for some are slowly breaking free or in other cases the water simply has risen high enough to cover the stone meaning it is still there but I’ve been able except it is there and may be there for same time! Always press forward even when things get hard! Become vulnerable and open up to those who are around you! Some of these stones and branches of mine have been cleared out with the help of others over the last few years! It is so truly amazing what life has to offer! So keep fighting on my brother and be strong! We all stand together as Warriors fighting for our lives! I also want you to know you are not alone, you are never alone! Many people love you as do I!

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