Day 75

It’s been yet another very busy week for me. I’ve been doing very well with my eating but need to do better on my walking. I’ve been getting out there to walk but have only been getting in 20 minutes in, I want to get 30 plus minutes in! I will need to improve on this now, not when things start to slow down – who knows if they will? I need to get my ‘Me’ time in for the day.

cake-nov-2014As I stated it has been a very busy week this week. We also had cake for a co-worker and I had no desire or temptation to try even a little bit of frosting. I’ll take those who ate it word that it was good! I know that these things will always be around but I am now eating the way I plan on eating for a long time. It’s not a diet but a way of living for me. No sugar, junk food, sweets, etc. Do I miss it? No I don’t – I want to become healthy and stay healthy for the rest of my life. Knowing if I start eating the way I did before I will have a hard time stopping. So I just don’t go there!

I also need to start writing daily again too! As with walking, I need to get my ‘Me’ time in. So this last week I was able to get my 30 minute meditation in during the morning hours. Got walking in (but not as long as I would hope). Eat clean!

Now is the time to prepare mentally for the coming season, Turkey Day and Christmas parties and sweet treats! I will be strong and stay with my new found eating habits – eating clean! If I start to struggle I will call those who I will need to call to overcome or get through those desires! Now is the time to continue on the path, the journey!


  1. Great post! Keep preparing for those big holidays mentally, spiritually, and physically! Glad to see you will call someone to help you through potential tough times. Remember it’s ok to also call before you reach that point just to check in. Good luck one minute, one choice at a time!

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