Day Eighteen – A Light in the Darkness

Report for day 17: Another gold star for me! I completed the day with my ‘eat clean’ challenge for September. As for exercise, I walked in the morning and evening but at lunch time I ended up not doing it once again. Today, walking for lunch total left my mind till I got ready for my evening walk and then realized I didn’t do it today. I will need to make myself a reminder to next time I am work and done with lunch or even go before lunch!

Today I am going out of town and will be out of town till Sunday night. I am going on a little mini-vacation. I will still be able to write and post – it may be any time during the day but I am going to make an effort to do so.

A Light in the Darkness
Deep in the darkness of my soul I sit
unable to make sense of where I fit

I hear muffled voices around
as if my mind has been captured and bound

I draw further in …
only to come face to face with a mirror
I stare at myself ‘til I find the ‘oneself’

With a loud sound the mirror shatters
to reveal a lantern in wait

In the darkness came a sliver of light
and as soon as I grabbed it, it flared and I knew I would be all right.

Sitting here today thinking of what I should write this came to mind. I would like to thank all those out in the world who are a ‘light source’ for many lives who once were in darkness! We all have our own light and it is always shining but there are times when we think it has gone out and we are all alone in life since we become blind. I am so very happy I am doing this challenge! As I stated before I am getting so much more out this challenge then I ever planned. I would have to say I am getting reward after reward as each day goes on. There is so much more I would like to write but I need to get going.

May you see the light and grab hold, even if you don’t think you need it! Be there for yourself and others!


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