Day Eleven – Making a Choice

Day 10 report – I made it through the day with ease! This really is getting easier to follow and to be more self-conscious of what I eat, how much water I drink and avoid thinking of things where I need to tell myself, “I don’t eat that!” I thought I would’ve had more thoughts of wanting chocolate, sweets, junk food, etc. – stuff I normally eat while sitting down at home working or reading. I’ve been finding that I feel much better just eating almonds, carrots, grapes, celery, green/red peppers, etc. I don’t overdo it on the eating either. “Eat till you feel full!” is what is advised with eating fruits and vegetables. With chocolate or with chips I know I could eat the entire bag in one sitting if I was not forcing myself to stop eating them and putting them away were it was hard to get to. Now with this ‘eat clean’ challenge I don’t do that anymore!

With all that said I am still keeping my guard up and will still be strong when thoughts of foods that are not ‘eat clean’ enter the mind. Also by keeping track of this and writing my experiences down for others to read is helping. If reading these posts are inspiring and helping you then I am happy I started this blog. I will continue to write what comes to mine so I can and will continue to inspire others from my stories and thoughts.

Making a Choice

So, you made the discussion to eat better by drinking no soda, no fast foods or no junk food for two weeks. You are now 5 days into it and let’s say it’s late at night, you’re at a friend’s house because you needed to stop by to drop off something they left in your car a few weeks back. You end up staying way longer than planned, it’s now past the time you usually go to bed and you still need to drive home. You’re tired, it’s late! While you’re driving home then all the sudden you have a strong desire / urge to get a yummy, creamy, sweet smooth milk shake! Oh yea, a vanilla one! You can already taste it in your mouth, mmmmh! The only place to go get one this hour is from the Fast Food restaurant that is just a little out of your way. They sell really good ones there too! Your mouth is getting ready to feel, taste and enjoy the cold creamy sweet heaven of goodness! It’s your choice – what do you do?

You do what you want to do! It’s your choice!

What I am going to say and share with you are from my experiences. True I’ve been doing the ‘eat clean’ the last 10 days and I am on day 11 – please remember, I started this journey back in October of 2013. I’ve been there, I been through this and I’ve made choices that derailed me from my first unwritten goal to start juicing, avoid fast foods and go walking daily. What this ultimately comes down to is YOU! Only you know yourself – what I mean is you are the only one that really truly knows the real you! You need to get to a place where you are willing to make a change in your own life! Anyone can challenge you to do anything, but as I said it really comes down to you! Anyone can tell you things till they are blue in the face. So, what does it take to get to the point of wanting to really truly change? Is it reaching rock bottom? Something happening to you where it scares you to make a change? Or is it your outlook on life? To tell you the truth – I am not entirely sure, it’s different for each of us I believe – to get to a point where we look at ourselves in the mirror, I mean really truly look at ourselves for who we are! It comes down to – Do you love yourself enough! Do you trust yourself enough to make a change, a difference!

I am writing this since someone asked, “What’s in your toolbox that helps you to overcome temptation?” Right now, today, I’ve gotten to the point I personally want to change my physical self. I am tired of being the way I am! The only way I am going to achieve this it to take control and do something about it! The tools I am using today are:

  • Enrolling others

I am enrolling others, I am making this public. The more people who know what I am doing the more I keep myself accountable. Knowing I am going to be reporting to ‘everyone’ is pushing me forward. So I am pushing myself forward and want to be able to say “I did it!” instead of saying something different. I do not want to think “what if I (fill in the blank)” because I am determined to make this happen.

  • Self-control

Ultimately I am answering to myself so I want to be true to myself. Do I want the vanilla shake? Sure. Do I need the vanilla shake? Definitely not! Drinking this will not keep me on track, there are no benefits in going back on your word. You only answer to yourself at the end of the day!

  • Willingness

I am ready to make this happen! I am prepared to make this happen! I have a strong desire to become healthy. I am not doing this anyone else, I am doing it for only me!

  • Patience

One minute, one meal, one day at a time. This is going to take time – I wish I could snap my fingers and the job would be done! This is not Hollywood, things take time, not minutes or hours. Knowing what awaits at the end of the tunnel inspires me! Once I get through this tunnel I am sure more tunnels will appear for me to walk through too! This is Life!

  • Desire

I desire to be free to do what I want to do and not be limited in what I can do!

I’ve put this off far too long. I could have made a change many years ago when I first noticed I was changing by eating and going too Fast Food restaurants pretty much ALL the time. Sometimes I wish I could back in time retaining what I know now to start over again. Or go warn the younger ‘me’ and show him what I look like. But this is not possible! So I am doing what I can do now and not later! I will not put it off another day! Tomorrow is not an answer but an excuse. As stated – you need to come to this decision yourself and make it happen yourself. One can hear and see what others are going through and say to themselves, “That is not going to happen to me, I will not let that happen!” Guess what? It happened to me!

Again, I can share my experience with you and warn you now to make a change in your eating and exercise habits so you don’t go through what I am putting myself through.

Take the challenge to ‘eat clean’ for a week! Then do it again and again!

I go now but urge you to go be good to yourself, to love yourself, be true to yourself throughout the day!

  1. Tonight at dinner I blew it. I was just going to have one helping and was waiting for everyone to finish. There was just a little of the main entree left so I went ahead and ate. Wish the others would have finished earlier. I think I would have avoided eating that last little bit.

    Of course about 15 minutes later as I was feeling quite full and of course a little miserable. I’ll watch it next time.

    1. That is your free-agency, making the choice then living with it! We live and we learn! Thanks for your sharing Larry! Makes us know stronger knowing we are not alone in life!

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