Day Fifteen – Being Good to Yourself

Report of day 14 – I should start saying something different! I feel like I am repeating myself, but, I did made it through the day with my ‘eat clean’ challenge! I went walking for my lunch break, only 5 minutes since it was so hot outside! I drank tons of water! I went walking for 25 minutes and pushed myself to go (a bit) farther on the walk (to places I’ve never touch foot – only driven by). I must say that walking is getting a lot easier as I am doing it daily! Plus I did 15 minutes of body exercises.

Today I start my third week! Two weeks completed already! I started today out by walking early this morning, so that is done! It’s now time to move on and accomplish the rest of the day – here I go!

Challenges Can Be Hard or Easy – Depends Where You Are At In Life

I grew up coming to the mind set on my own, that nothing should ever be easy in life! I heard this from many different people but looking back, I made that a mindset of mine. Things can and do come easy in life! Not everything, but some things! As I made the new challenge yesterday I thought I was being too hard on myself and was going to remove it and make it a challenge for later down the road but as I thought more and more about it is was not being to hard on myself but as I said, “Time to Expand!”

I was being too hard on myself before I stopped to think, ponder over things, reading the scriptures and praying about things. That opened my mind up. This is why I am so very glad I am writing things down and sharing things with you so I can get feedback in those times I need it. So thank you Lisa for your questions!

Do you feel like you are being to hard on yourself?
Yes, well, yes I was. I felt this was just to easy – ‘some’ people said it will be hard do to what you’re doing! Others said nothing at all! While others cheer me on! So I took to heart about it being hard and thought to myself in order to see a change in life I need feel like this is hard. The truth is, it’s way easier than I ever expected! I would ‘assume’ had I eaten something bad or didn’t exercise as I said I would this would become harder to continue doing! I refuse to even go there or even see what would happen if I start drinking soda, going to a Fast Food restaurant, eat junk food, etc. So I will stay on the path I am on, easy or hard, I will not be hard on myself going forward! Or ‘try’ to not be hard on myself – stop me and tell me if you see me doing this please!

Why can’t eating healthy and treating your body right come easy?
Why not indeed! The body is an amazing machine. For some this will be easy and for others it will be hard. We are all at a different point in our lives. This may be coming so easy for me because this is what I want! I want to do this! I want to better my health!

As I said, I believe we are all at different points in our lives. For some it will be hard and others it will be easy. We don’t need to be envious to those who find it easy and vice versa, those who find it easy do not need to be hard on themselves. So we need to be good to ourselves! Living and growing up in a society today we get many different points of views push upon us! We need to learn to depend on ourselves, meaning, thinking for ourselves – What is it we need? What is it that will improve ourselves? Being hard on ourselves is not the answer I am finding out. Yes we can push ourselves for improvement – but need not push ourselves because we feel like we need it to be hard in order to accomplish something or be reward for something! I will definitely be working on this! We need to be good to ourselves physically and mentally! I am starting on this NOW! We all have room for improvements, especially myself!

Till next time – be good to yourself – no abusing yourself, physically or mentally!

  1. We are all at a different point in our lives. So true … Congrats on starting week 3-!!! Thanks for pointing out that ‘we are too hard on our self’ because often; we are more tolerant of others than we are of ourselves. Like I said in an earlier post; it’s good to have a sense of humor (even about ourselves-!!!).

  2. Congratulations on meeting week 2!!!! Heres to forever more. I am very proud of you that you are making this commitment. You are an inspiration.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Wow! I had no idea my random questions after reading your last post would inspire so much thought!

    Really liked the point you made about being good to ourselves. Lots to think about and feel in that one sentence. Goodness/love definitely does inspire lastly change over force, doesn’t it?

    1. When I saw you only wrote questions and after reading them my mind opened and I saw the light for what it was! So instead of answering them in a comment I would answer them as I did, in a post! I am really finding this blogging to be both fun and challenging! Meaning there are days that thoughts come easy to write. Then there are those days that I ask myself, what I am going to write now! So your questions helped in that processes – just letting go and letting the mind flow to tell me what it is I need to work on for myself and I share that with all of you! I also love the way people are able to interact! So thank you for your questions!

      Absolutely yes – goodness/love definitely does inspire lastly change over force! There is much in that little saying too! Thanks again Lisa!

  4. Excellent insight on these last few posts I got caught up on! {We have had company in town the last few days so regular routines have been set aside for a bit.}

    A huge congrats on starting week 3! Keep it going! Stay strong! I think accountability to yourself through your inner voices, to others through blogging and to the Lord through prayer are elevating you and giving you the strength you need!


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