Day Nine – The Adventures’ of Life

NOTE: Now it’s been over a week I will write and post my thoughts once a day going forward.
Last Night’s Adventure

Day 8 recap – The day’s work is now done and it is time to pack up to head home for a nice relaxing evening. Maybe continue reading a good book, The Eye of The World. Start writing down thoughts of things I can post for tomorrow. Eat a ‘eat clean’ dinner. Doodle a bit. “Many different things to do this evening” I think to myself as I walk to my car, “Oh, yea, definitely go walking too! No, I must go walking!” I continue thinking to myself as I walk to the car. Once there, I place my lunchbox and backpack into the back of the car, get into the driver seat, start the car and pull out of the parking lot to head home.

On the way home I like to take the time to call one of my any family members, it may be one of my parents, one of my many sisters, once in a while my brother, as I drive home. I like to see how their day went, see if anything exciting happened with them and tell them I Love them. (I do use a Bluetooth so both hands are on the steering wheel). I end up just driving in silence as my Bluetooth is still charging from using it earlier this morning.

I turn onto the freeway and then it’s as if something hit me and hit me hard in the mind – temptation! Thoughts of all the places I can go once I exit the freeway to get food ‘before’ heading home the rest of the way, or even stop and dine in! I ask myself, “Where in the world did this come from? I will be strong! I need to be strong and true to myself!” I continue driving down the freeway in silence, no radio, no audio book, just the sounds of cars driving down the highway – as I put these thoughts out of my head! I thought I was going to drive down the freeway in silence, but that voice kept on bugging me! I am now coming up to my exit, “Oh look, three great places to go get food just to right of the exit!” I hear. As I continue to exit I take the left turn. “Ah yes, many wonderful places to pass by this way too! Which one should ‘we’ go to?” At this time I’m trying to not fuel my thoughts in my head by thinking of the different places I could go and what I could order!

As stated in earlier posts, “I will be strong! I don’t eat that! I will be empowered to eat clean!” so I do. I think of all the ‘eat clean’ foods at home I can eat. I continue driving and I make it home without giving in! I park the car, turn off the engine, and just sit there for a minute, clearing my mind, thanking Heavenly Father (God) for the strength to make it home and not go back to one of my old habits. I am extremely proud of what I was able to overcome, because I did it!

Now I can go relax for the evening!

Soon I walk into the place where I live and start preparing dinner and one of my sisters calls – we chat for a little bit as she tells me about her adventures. Now that my food is ready I eat dinner. I then get another call from another one of my sisters – I listen – I wish her good luck in what she is trying to sort out then finish my dinner. I end up watching the rest of an episode of “The Blacklist” now it’s on Netflix! Now it’s time to see what I will do next when the first sister that called earlier while I was preparing dinner calls back asking for advise to a situation she was in that last hour. I give her my advice and we talk a bit more then say our good nights. Then later on the other sister I talked to calls back to say everything is worked out and all is good.

Now it’s time to start writing for tomorrows post!

I get tied up with watching some of the flash flood videos being posted of the I-15 closure yesterday. Before you know it, it’s time to go walking! I go walking for 25 minutes, get back and get ready for bed. Now it’s time to relax and start writing for tomorrows post (this post).

Overcoming Desires / Make a Change

It’s definitely a good thing I didn’t let my guard down and I want to thank all of those who have reached out to me by phone and who’ve commented on my post(s). Truly, this gave me the strength I needed for yesterday’s evening’s adventure. I know more of these will come – I hope I can be as strong or stronger when they do! I know some of you know what I am talking about and what I went through – this was not an easy thing to overcome, it took a lot of willpower and courage to not give in and to continue the ‘eat clean’ challenge for September!

We all need to find that strength within us to overcome those desires that will drag us down in life. Sure you will have satisfaction for a minute, an hour or so but then it’s gone. Do you want to do something now then live with the consequence years down the road? Learn from others – especially about eating habits. I know we cannot make you or force you to change, you and only you alone are able to do this yourself. I plead with you, make a change now! Overcome those eating habits that will ultimately drag you down far later in life! I can tell you from my own experience it’s very easy to get where I am today and an exceptionally hard journey back to a healthier life!

Now to begin day 9! What adventures await today?

Till I write again – fight those urges and make good – no – make ‘winning’ decisions/chooses – it can be anything you are working on! Fight a good fight and be a Winner!

Pictured: Southern California Beach – Dana Point
  1. Those pesky voices that come out of nowhere to tempt us with the very things we are trying to avoid. How dare they 😉 !! Congrats, though, on not giving them more power and on showing them who is in charge.

    You *can* do this! You are motivating me to do better!

    1. Thank you for the “You *can* do this!” encouragement! At least those ‘pesky’ voices were silent today… We’ll see if they come out to play again!

  2. I am so proud of you for driving home for the “eat clean” meal AND for sharing your truths – your struggles, thoughts, and triumphs. Keep up the good thinking, clean eating, and exercising one day at a time. You can do anything for 24 hours.

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