Day Seventeen – Life & The Living World

I cannot really believe myself this is day 17! Someone please wake me up from this dream I am having!

Report for day 16: I got up at 6:13 AM and by 6:20 I was outside walking! It was already warm and the sun was still down below the horizon. I walked for 15 minutes. I continued on throughout the day but I did not walk again during my lunch break! I know, I know, I need to be true to myself – but it was still really hot outside… No excuses, I need to do better and remember to walk at lease 5 – 10 minutes while at work, to take a break and get the blood flowing! I’ll do better, I promise! I also got my 27 minutes in for my night walk!

I should order a nice large black poster to start putting little golden stars on it for every day I ‘eat clean’, because I would be able to put 16 stars on it now and maybe have enough room to put another 10 years on the board too! Okay – back to the goal I am working on for September, I can start thinking about October when September comes towards the end. I am really doing it, eating clean! Go me!

Life and The Living World – Water

As I think of life I think of the wondrous world we live in. What comes to mind are many wonderful things. There might even be things on this earth we have no clue exist at all! The most important thing about the earth is how it is able to support life itself. Everything has a purpose. Everything fits in place. We have trees to give us the oxygen needed to breathe, in exchange we give it carbon dioxide. The soil to grow fruits and vegetables to eat. Water to nourish the land, to keep animals and us alive and growing. So many wonderful thing!

If you really sit back and think about it we can learn a great deal from the earth we live in – take water as an example. For one, I believe water is a living thing – it may be hard for some to comprehend this! I say believe what you believe and I will believe what I believe but try to have an open mind. (I believe all things on this earth are living – they are not us, humans, but they too are living entities – okay I know I am going off topic here!) First I want to talk about how patient water is. Take look at the Grand Canyon! Over time, water flowed and ended up carving, forming and shaping what we see today. Water travels (takes) the simplest path it is able to find or over time it will carve one out. If water wants to get somewhere it will carve a way for it to travel over a long period of time. Look at all the rivers we have today. Again, I dare say water has patience and we can learn from these attributes. Take our bodies, we cannot simply make a change and see results in a few minutes. It will take time to make these changes. As water slowly shapes and cuts away at stone and rocks, working out and eating clean will slowly shape our bodies.

Some will come to think that it’s easy for water to flow a given course. Water too needs to overcome challenges and trials – they are definitely not the same as we humans face! Take a water stream running down the mountain. Water comes out of the ground then starts its journey to a pond, lake or even the ocean. Now expose the stream to lots of heat and sunlight, the water will dry up and evaporate as soon as it comes out of the ground or make it part way and then evaporate back into the air. Now the water has to start the cycle all over again as the water vapors travel high into the sky to form clouds which will then turn to rain and fall to earth again. Water is patient.

Water can also because fears, dangerous and angry! Take a flash flood as an example. Water will find anyway it can to get to where it what’s to go as long as it’s pulled by gravity. We’ve seen water take cars, houses, trees, rocks, etc. like it was no problem! What can we learn from this? Water needs an outlet, a course to follow, a given path so it doesn’t destroy in its time of rage. If water starts to build up in one spot and over time it keeps building and building it will burst and release it fury whatever path finds! We too as humans need to find outlets, a course to follow and a path to go down or we too can become angered, enraged or unstable! If we sit down and plan what we want to do in life we too can become patient, shape our bodies to be the shape we want them to be in and learn to not bottle feelings (etc.) up inside so one day we burst out in anger. As I stated water will take the simplest path. We need not take the simplest both ourselves but we need to be sure to keep things simple in life!

The world we live in can teach us many things. I ask you to look at your trials in a different point of view. Know you are not alone! Many people have trials and are going through the same thing. Some people voice it and other keep it deep inside. Start freeing yourself by making an outlet for the feelings, trails to travel down on! Be good to yourself!

Till I write again – be well and be good to yourself!

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