Day Six – Sunday

Today is Sunday. For me it’s a day of worship (going to church) and relaxing. I would normally fast (go without water or food for two meals) as today being the beginning of the month, hence the first Sunday, is what we call Fast Sunday and I personally feel I should continue doing what I’ve been doing the last 5 days as my body continues to go through the changes (no junk food, sweets, etc.) and forgo fasting today but be in the spiritual mind set of fasting today. I will continue fasting next month.

Sunday – the Lords Day. I need to say that these last 5 days I’ve been asking and praying for help that I will be able to complete each day with success with this ‘eat clean’ challenge I’ve set for myself. I know I cannot do it alone and need to enlist the help of everyone. I have a strong belief in prayer and I know that our Heavenly Father always listens to us when we pray. Through the help of all of you listening as I keep track in this blog, my belief in Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father, along with writing everything down for my own accountability I can accomplish what I set out to do and be successful.

Life Challenges

We are all faced with life challenges, it’s how we learn to work through them and overcome them is up to us – no one else can do it for us – yes they can tell us how, but ultimately it comes down to us. Will we listen and take to heart what others tell us from their own life experiences? For me it’s working on my health, to be more specific my weight. Yes I heard a lot of things on becoming healthier and it’s up to me to make it happen – make the change – take the challenge! So I am!

We all need to remember that we are never alone in our challenges. We need to remember our elder brother, Jesus Christ. In order to atone the sins for everyone – EVERYONE – he suffered for us and went through what we feel – our emotions, our feelings, our sins. He knows what we go through in life. For me knowing this helps me know I can become healthy. Our body is a powerhouse, a wonder of life. I’ve seen others who were over weight complete this challenge – so why not I? I can and I will do it! I just need to be strong and not become weak and/or lazy. So I ask all of you to please:

  • Give me a hand when I need it
  • Give me the courage when I am following short or losing control
  • Lift me up when I am down
  • also to not only encourage me but everyone around you if they are willing to accept it

This is me asking for the help I need to overcome this life challenge. I know I cannot do it alone, I need each and everyone of you to push me, encourage me, pray for me to continue and make this happen. I also say to you thank you and I can honestly say I love you for helping me out!

As with all challenges there are those that will stop us from completing the challenge and draw us down further – yes there are those in life that will see what is happening and they will discourage us from moving forward, say things to make us stop and go back to being miserable –  we need to not listen to but move forward in life – because I am me I say, “I Can Do It!

Believe in me is all I ask!

Pictured is the Christus of Jesus Christ found in the Los Angeles Temple Visitors’ Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  1. Lovely and heartfelt post. Per your request, please know my hand is extended and willing to help. Feel free to call or stop by anytime. Keep up the great work one minute, one choice, one day at a time! You can do it and you have numerous supporters!!

    1. Thank you for your extended hand! I will call or stop by ‘when’ I need the help or just a push to get back on course… Also thank you for the great advise, “one minute, one choice, on day at a time!”

  2. I am glad you mentioned to me that you are doing this. Anything that makes you happy is something that I will want for you. My prayers and well wishes are yours. If there is anyway i can be supportive beyond that please let me know.

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