Day Thirteen – Sunday

Day 12 report: It was a very hot day in Southern California the day before, Saturday! The day started off with getting up early to make breakfast before heading off to work (early for me is 6:30 am). Once work was completed I then met up with a great friend to do some more work as I’ve been working on his site for a long time! While we worked we talked. After we completed most of the tasks he wanted to work it was then time to go – I proceeded to go meet a client to do a photo shoot. I was able to get lots of great pictures, hope they are pleased with them as am I. From there I went directly to Los Angeles to see my family but before going to go see my family I went to another place to take pictures – then I headed to my parents place. Upon arriving I ate a late lunch and talked with those that were there – then one of my sisters and I then went to go see the movie “The Giver” (I enjoy going to movies with family and friends). After the movie we headed back to my parents place then proceeded to visit more with those there. Before leaving we all had a family pray (living on my own I don’t get to do this very often, so it is nice to kneel in family pray with others). By this time it was about 9:15 PM, time to leave – but before leaving I went to go see another sister and ended up playing with her cat and visiting with her a bit longer – then I started the drive home! Upon getting home I texted my sister that I got home safely! I then proceeded to go on my walk to get my exercise in for the evening before heading to bed. After exercising I finished up my post for day 12 and then headed to bed since as I was so very tired! During all these activities I stayed true to myself and was successful in my ‘eat clean’ challenge! Even going to my parents home I did not eat anything that was not clean food and on my why home I did not stop for food as I normally would do just a few weeks ago! As I said before – I am doing this and will complete it!

Till tomorrow’s post be strong to your word.

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