Day Thirty – Today I Found a New Path

I did it! Thirty days of eating clean! Six days a week of walking! I feel awesome, I feel good and I feel empowered!

Was it hard to stay on track with your ‘eat clean’ challenge?
To be completely honest at looking back the full 30 days the answer would be No, this journey was not entirely hard! Did you have ‘hard’ days, yes! Surprisingly the ‘eat clean’ challenge was not that hard since I had a strong will and was determined to do it and make it through the full 30 days!

Was it worth it?
Most definitely yes!

What are you planning to do now?
I started on this journey to become healthy. My plans are to stay on the current path I’ve been traveling on the last 30 days for the rest of my life. That may sound like a huge commitment because it is a huge commitment!

Are you going to make a new challenge for the next 30 days?
Yes I am going to commit to a new challenge for the next 30 days!

Today I Journey On a New Path

Today has been an amazing day for myself! I make it through and completed the ‘eat clean’ challenge with flying colors. This is an accomplishment I know I could not have done myself! I thank you all for the assistance and encouragement you all have shown and given me since the start of my new journey. Today I completed a challenge I said I would do. Today I reached for the finish line and then past the finish line. I am still moving forward going beyond that finish line!

Today I found myself. Today I told fear to leave me so I can continue on my journey in life to reach my goal of being health in mind, body and spirit!

A wondrous journey through life has started and I ask you all to stay with me as I continue to move forward. Not only be observers – I ask you to join me in my journey! One step at a time as we journey together. You put your mind to it, you can do anything you want to do in life. You only need to take the first step forward to start! I’ll be honest with you by saying that first step is hard to take but once you take it, well, once you take it anything becomes possible!

I started this eat clean challenge to become healthy in body. What I ended up doing was open so many new doorways I’ve never knew could be opened. Doors I never knew existed beyond those doors. Life has so much to offer us, we just need to take that first step into the unknown then the journey begins.

Till tomorrow I encourage you move forward on the goals you’ve set out to do but haven’t started doing yet. Don’t let your mind tell you ‘why you cannot start today,’ you only need to go take that first step.

  1. This is fantastic, congratulations! I need to incorporate much, much more exercise into my life (since I do virtually none). Thanks for inspiring me.

    1. Thank you and you’re welcome. I am going to check in on you to see how you are doing with that in a few weeks! Have a great day too.

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