Day Three Completed

Day Three completed! I did it, I make it through the day with all my challenges. The best thing is, I am starting to feel the difference – it’s an awesome feeling! So bring the challenges on – I am ready!

I read an article* this morning about how to stop cravings:

Two Words that Stop Cravings

Next time you’re faced with a tantalizing treat you’d rather skip, try this phrase: “I don’t eat that!” New research finds that 80 percent of women who used those words stuck with their good eating habits, compared with 10 percent of women who said “I can’t.” “Saying ‘I can’t’ signals that you’re giving up something desirable,” says study co-author Vanessa Patrick, PhD, associate professor of marketing at the University of Houston. “But saying ‘I don’t’ gives you a sense of empowerment.” Is there any simpler dieting strategy out there? We can’t—er, don’t—think there is!

So to help me with my challenge I simply need to tell myself “I don’t eat that!” which will also help me through the day. I know the article says (women) but I added ‘me’ to the in there too. I’ll defiantly will let you all know how this helps me out.

No to head to bed and get a good nights rest to face another day tomorrow.

*Link to the article I read.


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