Day Twenty-Five

Today now comes to a close of day 25 and I am very happy to say that I am able to add yet another good star to the chart that is still not made for completing the day with my ‘eat clean’ challenge. I also drank lots of water so I am good with fulfillment.  I was also able to get both my morning and evening walk in (no I didn’t go on my lunch walk today but I did so some of my exercises at my desk (the ones I am able to do while sitting down). So over all today I was in good spirits and had no temptations for the foods that would not be good to eat.

Thanks for reading – it’s been a busy day so I was not able to write much today. So I leave you with this, take 30 minutes of your day just to clear your mind and relax. Yes life is busy and you say you don’t have the time to do this but you do! Trust me! Just go find a nice quite place to sit in a chair, close your eyes (try not to fall asleep) and just clear you mind and meditate. Here is a good site to go to learn and understand more about meditation – Breathing Meditations.

Till next time – relax and clear your mind to release the everyday struggles of stress.

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