Day Twenty-Four – The Daily Race

Day 24 reached today! I am still taking one day at a time to complete the month of September with my ‘eat clean’ challenge and happy to report yet another day completed successfully. On top of that I was able to get all my walking in today – morning, lunch and evening. I’ll say once again this is the furthest I’ve raced down the road to a better healthier life! I can truly say I’ve been through easy time, hard time and who knows what is left in store as I continue on this journey! I pray that I will have the strength to continue on the path which leads to a healthier life for me!

Let the Race Begin… Again…

Some days the time seems to be going by slowly while others the week seems to fly by – as I continue down this road I race to my goal as I take one day at a time! I know I will get there some day! I can see it up ahead of me, but before I get there I need to navigate through the obstacles yet placed ahead in the path I am taking. I keep saying it and I will continue to say it, “I will be strong and I will be true to myself and will do everything in my power to make this happen. I will draw on the Lord for strength and from family and friends for support! I can and I will do this!”

Again I would like to thank all of you for helping me and for following me on this journey as I take the path to a healthier life. I am sure most of you know this is not an easy path or journey to take and it would be almost impossible for someone to take this journey all alone. I take day by day as it comes and goes. This is where true patience kicks in as it’s going to be journey that will take more than a few months to accomplish.

Each day I line up at the starting line by preparing myself for the days race. I try not to start out with a bang but I start out slow so I can see the obstacles to navigate through, may it be temptation, depression, not wanting to move forward, giving up and the list can go on! I say today I ran a good race! I was faced with sweets and junk foods I would love to eat but I stayed clear and didn’t need to pull myself away since I was not craving just a bite of a cookie, doughnut or fruit punch!

“I will stay strong and be true to myself!”

Till tomorrow do what you say you will do! If you are unable to cheap your word due to an unforeseen situation be proactive and quickly reach out to say it’s not going to happen right then, even if this is something you told yourself you would do or a friend or for work. Keep your integrity in check!

  1. “I was faced with sweets and junk foods …” They’re everywhere-! Great job of self discipline to say “No” to what is all around us 24/7.

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