Day Twenty-Nine – Life Struggles

One more day to reach Day 30 as I now embark on Day 29 today. I’ve already gotten my morning walk in and it’s now time to start working to make a living.

Well, today was again another busy day. I was able to make it through and keep true to my ‘eat clean’ challenge. After 29 days eating clean is so much easier now to me then it was at the beginning. The only thing I had trouble with is getting out there to go walking this evening. I did get it done and once I got out there and started walking it become so much easier and I am so very happy I got this in for the day.

Life Struggles

So life is full of joy, happiness, rewards, friends, etc. But how to we as people know what joy is? I believe that we have developed language and with language comes meaning to feelings. So, if we are to know what joy is we will need to know what sadness is, for we will not able to know one from the other if we never were sad or happy. What this brings me to is what I am feeling now as I come to the end of this ‘eat clean’ challenge (journey). I truly am feeling so much better than I did at the start of this process.

The road I was going down before ‘waking up’ from what seemed a ‘fog dream’ was one I was not happy with. I will have to be honest and say that Fast Food restaurants ruled my eating life. There were those days I would crave something and just had to go get it while driving home from work. This only lasted the time while eating what I bought and never lasted. I must tell you also, getting the coupons ads in the mail or newspaper for Fast Food was wonderful tool for me to get stuck on eating Fast Food. I know I needed to stop eating so much Fast Food. So I tired going without for a day or two during the week and eating good. I would tell myself I have food at home waiting to be prepared and eat only to find myself in the drive-through waiting to get food. I had read articles about Fast Food restaurants about how bad they are for you. I had people telling me things about too. I would ‘try’ to order what I thought was ‘healthy’ food, but you know what – nothing seems to be ‘healthy’ about fast food. If fast food restaurants need to add the Calorie count, they should add “by law” the Sodium count too.

I know I had a problem with getting fast food more and more as time went on and when I saw the ‘eat clean’ challenge I was hit in the head ‘and saw a light,’ so told myself I am going to do this. I am going to start my blog finally too! I am going to start walking 6 days a week! You know what – I am so happy I did this! After even a week I starting feeling better, sleeping better, thinking more and many other things started to happen as well!

I must also say this was only about fast food but it was also about now how I was looking at life and thinking to myself that I can never nor will I ever be able to reach any goals to lose weight. It was all just to good to happen to me. Sure I see the stories of others losing weight. I see their pictures, read their stories and think, “That would be nice if it could happen to me too!” I was drowning in my own mind. The few things keeping me afloat from really losing myself into this world was first my family. I love them all dearly! I enjoy calling and talking to them even though it may quick calls it’s nice to be able to reach out and talk to people. So thank you all those in my family. Second will be having faith and believing in Jesus Christ, our Savior, our Redeemer and in Heavenly Father (our Heavenly Parents). Some days I wouldn’t feel like reading the scriptures but I would still do so and I would pray morning and night too. I must admit that I would miss some nights because I was also staying up really late making myself work or watching shows – doing anything to not face life and reality. Thirdly, will be work and friends. I love my job and what I do. What I enjoy most is talking to people and helping them to find solutions with their technology to move forward with what they need to move forward of what they working on, learning, etc. So work keeps me out of my mind and brings me back to reality. Plus we have fun at work!

If I were to put this in a list how I stayed afloat and how I really found the strength to turn things around in life is:

  1. Family
  2. Belief and Faith in Heavenly Father (God), Jesus Christ
  3. Friends (Work)

After these last 4 weeks I know I can reach my goal. It will take time and I know I can reach it! If you put your mind to it you can do ANYTHING! Their is hope and strength if just reach out for it!

Till tomorrow – write yourself a letter! This will be no ordinary letter, it will be a letter you will be writing to your future self. In this letter write down those things you want to do but don’t think you can get them! At the end of the letter make sure you write “I love you!” Now before sealing this letter up go to a mirror and read it to yourself. Read it a few times if you need to! When you get to the end look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, truly tell yourself, “I love you” looking into your own eyes! Now seal the letter up and date it be few months, 6 months, a year down the line to open it and read it again to yourself. Now – after you write what you wrote do everything in your power to make those things happen!

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