Day Twenty-One – The Clearing After the Rain

Today is day 21 is now coming to a close! I am especially proud to say that I stuck with the ‘eat clean’ challenge for September even though work had (from what it looked like through the plastic lid) mini M&M’s. I merely looked to see what was on the table – at one glance I backed away and didn’t even think twice about them being there while eating lunch or there after… In the past, I would’ve eaten them and then find excuses to go to the lunch room to take more. Not today. I had someone tell me that after they were off of sugar for quite a long time and then ate one doughnut only to feel miserable with a really quick sugar high then crash! I am not going to tempt fate – I will stay on the path I am on and keep it going!

I awoke this morning at 6:30 am had my morning oatmeal and lots of water to drink so by 7:00 am I was out the door going on my morning walk. 21 minutes later I was home I then cooled down and went about my morning. Went through the day, had my snack and lunch. Worked more then headed home. At 10:35 left for my night walk and walked for 25 minutes but really pushed it. It was a great walk!

I was looking through my pictures today and saw the one posted today and thought about how its meaning. I will call this picture “The Clearing After the Rain!” I will go as far to say this goes with about anything, but I will keep it simple. In nature dirt (or dust) will start to pile up on plants, rocks, etc. over time. The rain comes and washes the dirt away living it nice and clean till the next time the rain comes. I say the dirt has been cleared from the leaf to continue to reach and soak in the sun for warmth and growth. We humans need the same thing – something to help clear the mind. We get all this ideas put into our head that at times we must sit back and clear it all out. What is good and what is filth? Other people can tell you what ‘they’ think the answer is but honestly, no one can really tell you or teach you till you learn for yourself. We really need to experience both sides to know really know and understand the difference. Take a child for instance, they look and behold they see before them beautiful colors dancing before their eyes – it looks so magical and mesmerizing to their minds – the bright colors are alive and inviting and they look touchable. The child starts to reach out to grab and touch the dancing lights just in their reach! All the sudden they are frightened because you yell out “NO, Stop!” They get confused and may thing “why you tell me to stop!” You then explain to them that is fire and it fire is hot and burns. Don’t touch! Kids are very curious creators and curiosity will always win – they will reach out and touch fire to learn for themselves that fire will bite when touched, it will burn them when touched, etc. You can tell them over and over but till they do it and learn for themselves is when they really learn and can know for themselves that fire is both good and bad.

Now take me and what I am going through in life! I knew all the things I needed to know to keep fit and healthy. I worked out, I was going great in life then a few things happened and mostly everything went out the window. I knew I needed to eat good wholesome foods but Fast Food was faster and tasted good (at any hour). I learned the hard way myself. I am now taking one day at a time and clearing the way to a healthier life! Each day is victory for me when I eat the way I am supposed to be eat – wholesome foods over junk food. It’s the way (most) of learn in life. You need to be happy to know you are sad. You need feel hot to know what cold is. So many things in the world to learn from.

Till I write tomorrow – look at your life, what is holding you back from moving forward? What is covering your mind, eye, ears? Look to see what you can identify and then move forward after the clearing!

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