Day Twenty-Three – Battle in the Mind

Welcome to day 23 of my ‘eat clean’ challenge. Moving along, one day at a time, to complete my challenge for ‘eat clean’. Today was a busy day for me, which is a good thing, keeps me out of trouble! I got my morning walk in – it was much later in the day than normal, 10:30 AM, at least I was able to get it in and not skip over it. I even walked during my lunch break today too! ‘Eat clean’ challenge is going strong. I was able to stick to the challenge throughout the day – we even had cake at work today which I did not partake of with everyone else – I felt good by not eating the sugar of ‘doom’, but instead had a little of my green drink. I little while later others around me had there sugar highs and crashes as I remained in a good state of energy not going through what others were as I move forward to becoming health once again!

Battle in the Mind

The really hard thing today was this evening. I had my dinner, chicken salad then half a bell pepper with hummus. When it came time to go on my evening walk I just didn’t feel like going. I was having a battle in my mind! My mind was asking if it was even worth it doing all this? Should I add a rest day other than Sunday with all the walking I’ve been doing! “No!” I told myself and got ready to go on my walk and finally pushed myself out the door telling myself it is all worth it later down the line and I can do it. I ended up going on my walk for 25 minutes but I wasn’t really pushing it as hard as I have been. It was after 11 PM when I finished going on my walk and I really wanted to call someone to talk but I ended up texting one of my sisters and emailing a friend just so I was in communication with people about how I was feeling. Before my walk I didn’t even think of calling anyone due to the battle going on in my mind (but I did kneel down in prayer to asked God, our Heavenly Father for the help I needed). During my walk it became clear on want I need to do, so next time I will pick up the phone and call someone, even if I don’t feel like calling or walking (even if this happens with my eating). I am still learning to communicate instead of just going silent! This is all new to me and a change in my behavior. As I stated before, I would just shut down then go silent for days, weeks or even more! Baby steps! So by texting and emailing someone is a big improvement. I felt ‘better’ in letting others know what I was feeling instead of keeping it all in the mind and battling it out with myself! When we do this there are those days the good will be able to break through and win – other days, well other days will just be other days!

Life continues on! Time does not stop nor does it slow down! We need to take one day at a time. Some days will be really good days – we then have those days that are just average – then the days that nothing goes our way. Life is a roller coaster! Today was a normal day with the exception of my mind having a battle about walking (exercising)! Going out there and exercising won this battle today! I need to prepare myself for future battles, as they are bound to happen. I know one thing I can do is pick up the phone and call someone when this happens! As I said before, this is a new area for me as I usually just shut down and go silent. This is when my mind tells me, “Who is willing to listen to you!” I know I am worth it and I people are out there that will be glad to listen to me.

If you’re having a hard time with something just pick up the phone and dial a friend to talk to. It’s much better than having it out with yourself in your mind!

  1. The battles in our minds can be pesky and annoying at times, and other times they can be scary when they cause us to withdraw and retreat too much. I am glad you are recognizing the power of reaching out to others to help you through the dark moments – we all have them, and we all have to learn to wade through them. I know when I am having my own doubts and when triggers get me, sometimes it simply helps for me to text a safe person about my current and vulnerable emotional state – that little act of reaching out {sometime I am just not in the mood to talk and other times I am not in a position where I can talk because of little ones}helps clear my mind and it reminds me that I am not alone.

    Remember I am always here for you. Please feel free to add me to your safe text/call list when you are having those battle moments.

    The Lord is also our most powerful ally if we will turn to Him.

    I love you! Journey on!

    1. Thank you for your comment and for being a safe person to contact (I need to remember to reach out at the moment)! Yes, the Lord is our most powerful ally! Thanks again and I love you too! I will journey on!

  2. Thanks for your wonderful post and inspiration. You can call me too! Because of your diligence I picked myself up and did my exercise today too.

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