Day Twenty-Two

beautiful-morning0002small-squareToday was a beautiful morning to go walking. Clear blue sky with the sun shining just over the houses where I was walking. I know I had to take a picture to share it with you all today. I love living in Southern California.

Today is day 21 and it is now the end of the day. It was a very good and busy day! I was able to day true to my ‘eat clean’ challenge once again today so I get to add another good star to the chart (I need to get that made and really do it)! I am finding this to be so much easier to live by and not even think about other food at all. I know I am being good to myself by doing this! Yes it is hard at time but not as hard as I thought it would be. Once in a while I do find myself at night wanting a snack but I do not have the urges of going out to get fast food as I would do before. To simply fill these urges at night I first drink water and if that doesn’t help I will then drink some juice and again is that doesn’t help I have a few grapes. I haven’t had the need to go past that yet.

As for walking goes I am doing really good with my morning walks and evening walks, don’t ask about my lunch break walks – they haven’t happen the last two days. But I do make sure I am getting up and stretching at least once an hour. I even brought one of the stretch resistance cables to use for while sitting there talking on the phone.

1milereachedToday for my walk I was able to complete a mile! I was so close (.92 miles when I got to my home) that I pushed myself to complete 1 mile! My walking speed is increasing too as I continue to walk to exercise.

I ended up having a busy good day today.

Till tomorrow be strong in what you choose to do in following your goals, commitments and challenges in life.

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