Day Twenty

Today marks day 20. I just returned from my little get-a-away and I had no desires to stop to get food as I had my water and almonds with me. I did stop once to get gas and to stretch. It was a great time away. Yesterday (day 19) I did my morning walk and evening walk along with following the ‘eat clean’ challenge – so it looks like I am getting another good star.

Since I am writing tonight (day 20) I can say the same as there are only 2¬†hours left in the day and I do not foresee myself breaking my ‘eat clean’ goal any time soon! Still, I will be strong and continue to take one day at a time! Since today is Sunday I only took a small stroll for about 10 minutes once I got home, after the 2 hours and 30 minute drive.

Till tomorrow – have a great evening/morning/day.


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