Drinking Water

One thing I need to remind myself daily is “I need to drink lots of water!” I tend to drink not that much water so this one thing I really need to do and remember. What are some of your ways you remind yourself to drink enough water throughout the day? Feel free to post your comments below?

  1. I use a quart size water bottle and empty it the first time before lunch, 2nd time in the pool or before dinner. Then a couple of more glasses of H20.

    1. I’ve got one of those that I can start using once again – I just need to remember to ‘drink’ during work. Thanks for the reply!

  2. I do something like Sherry. Putting something you like in the water helps. When I work I use a liter stainless steel bottle with a wide mouth and chop up a lemon in the bottom. I drink more when it is slightly flavored. This summer when I ran out of lemons I have used peaches or nectarines. These are great because when I get home after work I eat them. A friend uses cucumber or an herbal tea bag to flavor the water a bit.
    Good luck Michael, I need to do something like this, too.

    1. @Helen – Thanks for the encouragement. If I can do this, you can do this. I’ll be writing a lot more over the next month about my past experiences when I first started just under a year ago… Thanks again!

  3. I like to use a large cup/water bottle so I can easily keep track of how much I drink. I also always have a water bottle with me in the car. I drink at nearly every stop light while I drive – it is a habit to always be drinking water now while I go places … a little sip here and a little sip there goes a long ways.

    Good luck!

  4. I keep a couple water bottles on my desk – just between my mouse and one of my monitors. Keeping it in my field of vision makes it a little harder to forget. In the past I used a recurring timer that would pop up every 15 minutes to remind me to stand, stretch my hands, and take a drink of water.

    1. I do keep a water bottle on my desk and I see it all the time – I get ‘into the zone’ and forget to drink most of the time. I will do as you do – put the water bottle between my mouse and one of my monitors. The water app I talk about in another post has also helps me to keep my goal of drinking plenty of water daily. That is one other thing I should do too – set a timer for every 15 – 30 minutes to stand and stretch! Thank you for the wonderful advice!

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