I Cried The Other Day…

I Cried The Other Day…

They were not tears of discomfort. Nor tears of shame. Nor tear of sadness, fear or pain.

I cried tears of Joy. Of Happiness. Of Success. Of Achievement.

The day was May 28, 2015

It’s Thursday morning, I awoke once again at about 5 AM, no alarm needed. Now lying in bed fully awake I try to remember the dreams I had. Far off in the distance of my mind they roam, fading off into the mind to be remembered another day. I lay in bed and ponder the day’s events ahead of me. After a few minutes I get out of bed and kneel to say my morning prayers thanking Heavenly Father for a good night’s sleep among other things. Once done saying my morning prayers I clear the mind for a quick meditation. I get up and remind myself it’s been two days since I weighed myself so I go to the scale, get on, up comes the numbers. They stop and display the numbers for today. I stare at the numbers being displayed. I grin! No I smile a huge smile! I get off the scale, make a fist in my right hand and throw my arm up in the air as if I just finished a huge race and won, I am victorious – wait, I did… I continue to smile! I need to take a picture of this, of what was revealed to me this morning. I go get my cell phone, engage the camera, put the phone down and re-weigh myself. Up comes the numbers once again. I smile and quickly take a picture. It’s now been recorded in history.

I then go drink my morning green drink. Change into my walking clothes and head out for my morning walk. I end up going 3.49 miles with my personal best 1 mile being 17 minutes and 11 seconds. I get home cool off. Eat breakfast which was oatmeal. Now that I am cooled down and ate breakfast I do my morning scripture reading/studying. Afterwards I clear the mind again and meditate for about 28 minutes.

I’m excited to share what I saw/accomplished this morning on the scale so I go find the picture I took, crop it into a square and send a text to all my family members. As I sit there looking at the picture, looking at what I wrote it hits me big time. I’ve accomplished something huge! I did it! The tears start to come out of my eyes. I stop doing what I am doing and take it all in. I reached a huge milestone. I am doing it! I am becoming healthier and am losing the weight!

The text I sent to my family and then later to a few others read, “Now below 300 lbs. Thank you [all] for the strength, help & encouragement! Less then 100 lbs. to go for my next big goal of 200 lbs.” along with a picture.

It’s been a very long time since I was below 300 lbs. and I truly mean a long time! That’s a total weight loss of 120 lbs. from just over 2 years ago. I still have a lot of weight to lose to reach my next big goal of 200 lbs. I know I can do it. I will continue on what I am doing – taking one day at a time!

I thank God, family, friends and all those who read this for the help, strength and encouragement given me. I know I can do this and am doing this! Thank you!

Till next time be open with yourself! Take the time to let in all those things you’ve accomplished in life that you didn’t congratulate yourself for. Even if they were small accomplishments, for example seeing something you really want to eat but told yourself, “No, not right now!”

(Eat Clean, Think Good Thoughts, Be True To Yourself)

  1. Beautifully written! I am so impressed with your journey, and not just your weight loss. Your morning scripture study, your walks, your meditation … ALL OF IT. It is all amazing. You are finding wellness and connecting with the Lord. That is what life is all about.

    And as silly as it might sound, I am grateful you cried tears of joy. Emotions are healthy, it helps to feel them.

    I am excited to keep cheering you on to your next milestone!


    1. Thank you for the kind words and for letting me know you will keep cheering me on to my next milestone.


  2. I teared up when I read this awesome post. Thank you for sharing and bringing me along on your journey. I am inspired by all the additional things you are also doing–scripture study–meditation–all of it. {{{hugs}}} and keep on going!

  3. Hoooooray Michael!!!!
    Thank you for sharing your amazing accomplishment – You are an inspiration and an example to more people than you’ll ever know. Keep up the good work my friend – you are awesome dude!!!

  4. Michael, this is lovely. You are very inspiring. What do you put in your green juices? How long have you been riding your bike? Is this entirely your website? How wonderful and beautiful and kind and trusting of you to share this with me. I am so moved. Wow. Thank you.

    1. Rama, Thank you for your kind words and you’re welcome! Yes, this is entirely my website! All images on the site are from photos I’ve taken or artwork I’ve drawn.

      I started biking in August of 2015. I now ride at least 4 times a week (or try) so I am biking on average 60 – 100 miles per week. The area in which I live in has no shortage of hills. So depending on where I go riding there are lots of hills, some of the hills go up for over a mile!

      When I started my blog I told myself I will be open and share what I feel impressed to share with others. By sharing my personal experiences, I hope it will inspire others to take hold of their life to improve their living to be able to live a happier and better life! I am happy you find what I’ve written very inspiring! So again I say, thank you!

      As for the green drink, I now order it from ChefV.com and the drink is delivered Monday morning. This is more convenient then taking hours per week making my own drink. Plus, ChefV does not add anything else to the drink.

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