Into the Weekend

This is were I have the hardest time of all. Going to work in the morning I usually stop somewhere to pickup breakfast – I tell myself “it cannot be all that bad, its breakfast!” But still its from a Fast Food chain, so none of that during my eat clean challenge for September (or ever after this month is over)! So this morning I got up earlier and prepared my breakfast before leaving to go work. We will see how the rest of the first day of the weekend goes from here.

I was able to make it to work without any kind of temptation to stop and pick up breakfast! For me to get break that tradition is a true sign to myself that I really want to do this for myself, to get healthy!

I start work now – you will hear from me later today.

Pictured is a barn in Orem, UT – in the loft area looking out the window as the sun is setting.
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